The question is, "can spirituality and technology live together"?||Week 9.4||

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The questions that are given in ecotrain community are mature and understandable for every wise person.

Although spirituality and technology are two separate things but we live with the both, no one can avoid or live without these two things.


Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?

Spirituality and technology are the two things that are going on in the world today in everyone's mind. Talking about spirituality, we go to a world which is completely different from this world because in that world we do not have the greed of money for the progress of someone's way.

Spirituality includes those things which are more valuable than technology because Spirituality strengthens the inside of the human being and it builds the human being and most of all it creates Satisfaction in the human being.

If we talk about technology, today we call ourselves progress people, while this system has been running since long but now humans are proving them in practice. If there were so many resources in earlier times, then man would never have been so far behind and if seen, it is the hard work of the past people, due to which today we are using such technology that if the man of 1000 years ago comes, then he will be astonished to see the latest technology of this world.

In reality, technology is making a person very fast from which a person can do more and more work in less time and can carry out his work in a more comfortable way than before.

Today we get our genius by using technology, when even if this thing is seen, then even in spirituality, people get a lot of vision, but that person cannot see in a visible form, but if we talk about technology, it can be seen and use easily everywhere in the world.

We cannot share Spirituality, but if we talk about technology, then every person shares it with each other and salutes each other, whereas Spirituality is something that is born inside a human being and if a man ponders around himself, spirituality can be inborn inside.

Today, the whole world is benefiting from the revolution that is happening in technology due to the hard work of one man or a company, and this is something that people of all races like to use technology. The effort of man is to go so far in technology that people can easily create facilities in their lives and can do more and more work in less time and the generations to come can benefit a lot from this technology.

Spirituality includes everything from which a person also gets a vision and he goes on tolerating difficulties with great joy, but technology is becoming the need of man at this time, in reality, if seen, then spirituality is inside world and technology is outside world of the human being.

People who possess the property of Spirituality never give attention to technology because they keep this world as temporary world and remain lost in their world of Spirituality.

Those people who are spirituality farming, they are far away from technology and they do not take any kind of interest in technology. But when he also connects himself with this world, then he has to use this technology and on whom he does not pay any attention and never cares about pride because he is lost in the world of Spirituality.

Some people think that Spirituality is an everlasting thing and this technology can be diverted to any side at any time when Spirituality is a reality and this technology is the only way for man to move forward on this world.

According to my opinion, both Spirituality and Technology cannot go together but a person who is connected with Spirituality as well as this world can take both these things together.

Today the whole world thinks about moving ahead and progressing from each other. Spirituality has become a different subject. If a person wants to live life with these two, then it is absolutely possible.

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