A Simple Experiment Of Air Pressure In Water In The Class!!!

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The best way to learn, if learned in practice, is remembered in the mind of a person forever and that person never forget it in life. People are always successful only those who implement written skills into practical.
In this way, he works effectively and checks its disadvantages and advantages and can do it in a better way through his own observation.
It is necessary to teach the children practically about any topic so that the topic concept will fix well in the children's mind forever.


Today I started telling the children something about the air pressure, so I told them that the pressure of air remains intact even inside the water, I took a glass of water and show them the example.

It is a very simple matter that I took water in a glass, which is a little lower and took a paper which is a bit hard and turned the glass upside down by placing it on top of it slowly.

You can see that the surface of the water has gone down on the paper side and the space that was top of the glass above has formed on its back side and the air is filled in it due to which the water is not exerting pressure down and stagnates.

In this picture, you can observe it.

The children started clapping after seeing it and they understood, how the air maintains its pressure even in the water.


It was a simple experiment, on the basis of which it was very easy to explain the air pressure to them and thus the children watched this experience with great interest and kept it in their minds.


Noe when the children will go at their homes, they will do it with their hands and it will be etched in their minds forever that how the air creates its pressure and how it keeps its effect in maintaining it, in this way, a suspense of new questions will create in their minds and they will think about air pressure function in water.


Yay! 🤗
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