It Is Possible For Technology And Spirituality To Coexist.

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Both have a strong bond with one another and are reliant on one another. This is a natural act in which these two are intertwined for a variety of reasons. Spirituality is defined as any individual who is spiritual and has a strong belief in God. Spiritual individuals can be religious or non-religious, and they can be found in any country on the planet. As we covered in last week's question, spirituality is one of the finest topics to explore. This is a broad topic with many more talks accessible, but it is intriguing.

We may argue that technology is a stepping stone to spirituality, which I shall discuss further below. There is no one who regrets technology since it is obvious when we witness the brilliance of light. The world has advanced dramatically, and we can see the wonders of technology all around us. Spirituality or spiritual people use all that is the outcome of technology. There are several examples of how technology is employed by spirituality, and they are nothing without one another.

We can see television technology where there is a lot of diversity accessible, which is pretty amazing. We can view the entire globe through this television without having to travel. What is the connection between Spirituality and this television? Yes, it has a strong link that spiritual people employ in their daily lives. They use television in their various programmes to take use of technology, and this is how spirituality and technology are intertwined.


The internet is another another advanced technology that is available to everyone. The internet is a service that allows people to communicate with one another and reach every part of the globe, and there is a wealth of information available exclusively through the internet. This is how spirituality takes advantage of technology and makes use of it in all aspects of their lives. They may study and teach their lessons via the internet, which is just a strong link between the two.

Another advanced technology that we may call miraculous is the aeroplane. The world has advanced to the most recent technology, which is stunning and unbelievable to everyone, yet it is real and everyone sees it. A chunk of iron that flies through the air and goes a large distance in a short amount of time. People used to ride on horses and camels, which took a long time, but now that technology has improved, man may take use of this amazing feature.

This is how spiritual people use this technology capability to go from one location to another in order to attain their aims. This demonstrates how spirituality and technology are inextricably interwoven. Finally, it may be claimed that in order to adequately cope with the new powers provided by technology, humans would require an equivalent'moral' upgrade, an endeavour that has historically been associated with the spiritual realm.

This universe also has spiritual technology, which culturally regulates the human brains, ideas, and spirit of a person and community. which is founded on facts, and we have witnessed a number of occurrences that influence the human brain's spirituality The technology is so advanced that it even investigates human identification, and once controlled, it can accomplish a lot of work.

Some governments are pushing spiritual technology because they feel the money generated by this technology will be very beneficial to them. With this technology, they may strengthen their country in all aspects, whether it is a question of money or a matter of war, and reap significant benefits as a result.

This is how technology and spirituality are connected and can coexist. This is my knowledge and thought regarding these two, and I've given my thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Vis technology preaching ideas and expressing opinions have become far more easier than ever before. There can be no second opinion to this.

The use of spiritual technology is questionable though. The question is, is it even ethical to control anyones mind? And if the powerful would get the control of other's mind won't they use it in their own benefits rather than benefits of every one?

You made an excellent point. Our debate focused on whether technology and spirituality are inextricably linked. You asked an excellent question, and to your response, it is completely immoral and may do more harm than good. Humans can take undue advantage of this, which is harmful to other humans.

Man always wants to exert power on other men, and whenever he finds a way to control, he simply use it for manipulation

You are true, and it is in human nature.

Yay! 🤗
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