Can Spirituality And Technology Live Together? QOTW Season 9.4

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Some individuals believe that spirituality and technology are related, despite the fact that they are fundamentally distinct. Technology is concerned with scientific knowledge, but spirituality is concerned with the soul and the afterlife. However, it is due to the imagination of the @ecotrain community that they come up with unusual and difficult-to-answer queries. Answering their inquiries is a different type of enjoyment that needs a lot of thought. We are, nevertheless, tremendously appreciative to this community for introducing us to something new every week.

To make it simpler to grasp, I'll detail the two individually before moving on to the answer. Both are distinct from one another, but they are intertwined. My answer to the question is a resounding YES they can coexist. Spiritual people, in particular, have a stronger belief in technology since they have studied technological forecasts in their literature.



Technology is an evident miracle in the world that we see on a daily basis. No spiritual man disputes that he dislikes technology, and he can't deny it since it's a plain and unequivocal indication that should be embraced at all costs. When it was projected that an iron made would one day fly across the skies, everyone laughed. However, it has been demonstrated that what was promised has come true, and technology has produced something known as an aeroplane, which rises in the sky every day and makes life simpler.

This is not to say that technology is inherently harmful to a spiritual path that adheres to the teachings of these spiritual teachers, but it also cannot help to its primary goals.

Take, for example, how man has worked so hard with the assistance of technology to reach the bottom of the sea. This is an impossibility that technology has accomplished, and it is recognised as a clear miracle in front of everyone, and no one can deny it. For example, when a person becomes ill and needs to undergo surgery, he is torn apart with the help of technology, and after being pierced, he is revived with the help of technology.


As we all know, spirituality is tied to the soul, and a spiritual person is always involved in God's worship and is free of all sins. Spirituality is the contemplation of universal principles such as love, compassion, altruism, life beyond death, wisdom, and truth, with the notion that certain people, such as saints or enlightened humans, have acquired and displayed greater levels of success than the typical person. Aspiring to embody the attributes of such great persons becomes a significant component of the spiritually inclined person's life path.


The two are inextricably linked, and there comes a moment when the spiritual man relies on the technical man and vice versa. A person who worships God need light in order to study the religion's sacred text. A spiritual person uses technology to worship and become closer to God. The same technology need a spiritual person in order to fulfil their goals. Some persons in the spiritual realm reach so near to God that they have knowledge of the unseen and ideas that ordinary people do not have, which technology may exploit.

So, in my opinion and understanding, these two require each other and may coexist. It is difficult to exist apart from one another. This is an attempt on my side to express my ideas and opinions about technology and spirituality. I hope you enjoy this piece, and thank you for reading all the way to the conclusion.


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