Some considerations on environmental pollution

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Environmental pollution is produced by some elements that can be harmful to ecosystems and human beings, among these harmful elements are those produced by burning fossil fuels for energy generation, such as oil, coal and gas, as well as forest fires that somehow affect our planet.

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According to Garcia et al. (2012), contamination is an introduction of biological, chemical or physical agents to a medium to which they do not belong. Any undesirable modification of the natural composition of a medium; for example, water, air or food. In this sense, we can say that environmental pollution is a harmful process for the planet since, through the application of chemicals or other substances can harm living beings and also human beings.

According to the above, it can be said that there are many sectors that contribute to pollution, among them is the agricultural sector, where pesticides are generally applied for the agronomic management of crops, these substances create an environmental imbalance when used indiscriminately, as they can reduce the presence of functional microorganisms and water pollution.

Application of pesticides on crops

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The excessive application of this type of substances to fruits and vegetables can cause some genetic malformations in newborns, in addition there is the possibility that they can lead to the activation of diseases such as cancer, in this sense Beltrán and collaborators (2019), evaluated the frequency of pesticide use in a Mexican population, as well as the knowledge that farmers have about the negative effects of the application of pesticides and their possible relationship with damage to health, they concluded that the chemicals used in field work could be possible carcinogens are frequently applied, and 55.9% of the people surveyed indicated that they have a family member who has died from some type of cancer.

In this sense, it is necessary to reduce the excessive use of pesticides by implementing agroecological alternatives that allow achieving a balance in the ecosystem and thus enhance natural processes, for example, organic matter is essential for plant nutrition, a natural element that can be obtained in livestock ecosystems is cattle manure, which is an organic matter of easy decomposition that can be used for fertilization of any crop in solid or liquid state.

Dear readers, we must continue to disseminate sustainable practices to reduce environmental imbalances, it is no secret that conventional agriculture is based on agrochemical packages, but in agriculture there are no recipes, the crop must adapt to the natural conditions of ecosystems, we must contribute because the agricultural sector to reduce the great environmental impact it has been causing.

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