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Dear readers, in this opportunity I am going to share with you some thoughts about ecological agriculture, since it is a natural model that allows the generation of vegetable, animal and microbiological life so that the productive processes are more balanced, and thus to stop depending on industrial products that have the objective of minimizing the biological activity of the soil. This soil biology, formed by micro and meso organisms, is in charge of carrying out a natural solubility of the minerals in the soil, in order to deliver them to the plants on a daily basis, so that they can comply with each one of their phenological stages.


Any model of agriculture to be in line with natural processes must be based on organic matter, since it is the medium from which micro and meso organisms obtain the necessary nutrients through decomposition to be exchanged with plants in each process. As an agricultural engineer, I must admit that in academic spaces it is often overlooked to give due recognition to organic matter, since the student is made to believe that it is a very complex and utopian process, and that it is better to implement only tools such as pesticides to obtain faster results.

It is impressive to observe, as for many years, agriculture revolves around the technological packages generated by large industries, that is, the saviors of agriculture are those who have generated the problem, because the uncontrolled application of this type of agrotoxic products that considerably reduces the soil biota, by decreasing the presence of these microorganisms automatically slows down the solubility of elements necessary for development, which is why the producer sees as an excellent alternative the purchase of synthetic fertilizers because they are being given soluble products.

It is necessary to read and investigate about these synthetic fertilizers, because, they also generate an imbalance in the plant, because an excess of energy and amino acids is created, in vegetable physiology we were taught that the plant captures the solar energy and transforms it into essential sugars and at night the plant begins to consume oxygen to burn the excess energy, this way it will not be vulnerable to the attack of insects. But if soluble elements are integrated without taking into account the present availability in the soil, an excess of nutrients can be generated that will accumulate in the cell walls which will attract insects that are always in search of energy and free amino acids that they themselves are not capable of synthesizing.


For the above mentioned, they will be able to realize the importance of the organic matter for the correct nutrition of our plants, since, the organisms present in the soil will realize a liberation of elements adjusted to the needs of the plants, so that a balance can exist between the physical, chemical and biological components of the soil, which will allow to have in a healthy soil, which will be translated in healthy cultures, with excellent conditions and which will not bring negative consequences to the human being.

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Dear reader, we must leave aside the harmful agriculture based on toxic agro-chemical recipes that deny the possibility of having sustainable ecosystems because they only consider the physical and chemical components of the soil. We must study in depth the relationships that exist in the agricultural ecosystems, such as the affinity that insects have for plants and in this way we will know which are the appropriate management that should be done to the crop, without having to resort to the excessive use of insecticides, because every insect attack is caused by an imbalance in the plant, starting from these premises in the next delivery will address some aspects of interest on the trophobiosis, a theory put forward by the French Francis Chaboussou in 1969 in which he expresses that the insects only attack the plants, when these have the required food as energy and free amino acids.

From agrotecnia we reiterate our gratitude to our followers and all communities that value our agricultural content, this commits us to continue sharing quality information with the entire beehive.


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Hello friends, today is a special day, it is satisfying to be able to continue on this great platform, sharing experiences, even though I had to retire for some time now I am back among you.

Thank you for the congratulations, blessings to you and may the successes continue!

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Thank you, my friend.

Greetings my dear friend and colleague @amestyj, without a doubt the advances associated with the improvement of the quality of life of man has produced great afflictions on our planet, but for our surprises, those same advances are the ones that in a certain way allow us to mitigate the damages we have caused. Very good reading and we will continue to share knowledge.

Greetings my dear friend and colleague @madridbg, I appreciate your visit to my post is of great value, no doubt the pesticides a great imbalance in the microbial biodiversity, and without microorganisms we can not take advantage of organic matter that is a source of minerals and generates plant life. It is a very controversial issue but if we do agriculture with local and natural resources we could start by improving our soils.

See you later my friend, have an excellent week, greetings and blessings to your family.

Hello dear friend @amestyj good afternoon
I loved your post, the information you give us is excellent, without a doubt we must promote healthier processes in agriculture, nature will thank us.
Thank you very much for the time you dedicate to your materials, they are always of great interest and applicable
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Greetings friend @jlufer thanks for your valuable and motivating comments, in agriculture the organic matter is the fundamental factor to give life to our plants, so we must not lose focus and minimize or balance the use of pesticides, because we are harming the life of the soil that are the microorganisms.

See you later brother, have an excellent day !