My experience with nature and how important it is to be connected to it.

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Dear readers, the @ecotrain community has been implementing for a long time an initiative known as the question of the week, which I find interesting since they address aspects related to nature, so I invite you to participate and leave your contributions. In this opportunity I will share with you one of my experiences with nature. I will begin by pointing out that one of my favorite spaces or ecosystems is the mountain or spaces where tranquility is combined with the sound of biotic or abiotic resources of nature, although one of my most satisfying experiences was when I visited one of the most beautiful parks in my country Venezuela, known as Mochima National Park, of which I will leave a brief written and photographic review.

Design by @amestyj with images of his property.

As I mentioned before, I am a lover of terrestrial ecosystems, but in August 2015 thanks to a vacation plan organized by the university institution where I teach, I had the opportunity to visit what I consider the most beautiful aquatic ecosystem of my country, I must admit that I was captivated, observing how the beaches were surrounded by mountains allowed me to enjoy a beautiful natural landscape.

Photographs property of @amestyj

Photographs property of @amestyj

Without a doubt, I really liked the flora and fauna present in that ecosystem. I am usually used to being in contact with plants in agricultural ecosystems, but seeing how naturalized species, both terrestrial and aquatic, come together is priceless.

Photographs property of @amestyj

Photographs property of @amestyj

These natural spaces are part of the ecological diversity of our country Venezuela, when you want to go out to know you have a great variety of places that have not been affected by the hand of man and that allow to maintain the ecological balance, which translates into quality of life.

Photographs property of @amestyj

Now, leaving aside the beautiful landscapes that we observed above, comes the big question, what benefits brings us to be in contact with nature, today where technology takes over human attention, it is important to periodically visit places that allow us to feel that we can not live in an artificial world, we can not replace our trees, artificial plants that mimic the uptake of carbon dioxide and oxygen emission as I read in a recent article. Because it cannot be substituted, simply because plants play an important ecological role in the soil and the atmosphere enhancing the natural processes, that is to say it is part of the system and for me it has no replacement.

Finally I want to point out that we are part of nature and therefore we owe it, we are an essential component for it, therefore, we must learn to take care of it, because if we are inclined to destructive and polluting methods we will be the cause of the destruction of the natural to be part of the artificial that is hardly sustainable over time because its resources comes from nature, if the trees supplied wi-fi surely the whole modern world would plant one, but the tree keeps us alive because it does not supply oxygen and sometimes we forget it.

Thank you for staying with me until the end.


Nice pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your support dear friends.


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Thank you for your support dear friends

Wonderful place and photographs. Nature is truely healing and one needs to be connected to it regularly.

Hello friend, yes it is true, being in contact with nature allows us to value the essence of life, which is not precisely to be surrounded by artificial materials.

See you later, have a great week.