Importance of holistic and sustainable living today.

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Dear readers, this time I want to express my opinion on the question of the week sponsored by @ecotrain, this question aims to know the point of view of hive users on what we consider important sustainability and holistic living. It is no secret that these are definitions that have been developing for some time and that seek that human beings visualize their environment as a whole and not be dazzled by a single aspect such as the economic component.

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In the same vein and from my perspective, life is composed of many components that are of interest to survive in this great world, such as from the social point of view: health, food, from the economic point of view: work, investments, from the environmental point of view: climate balance, natural resources. All this is part of our life, and as a whole generates quality of life. Unfortunately in recent years, it seems that modernity brought with it a disease called consumerism, people began to focus on a single component of their lives the ECONOMIC, it is certainly very important to be economically stable, but the high levels of consumption has led to excessive exploitation of natural resources that greatly affect the environment and health.

These premises gave rise to the search for new paradigms that would show people that all the components of life are important, and it is there where in different areas people have begun to talk about sustainability and holism, in my opinion they are similar approaches since both definitions promote the synergy that must exist between the components of our life to achieve a perfect balance where one component does not affect another, in order to preserve the welfare of society and the planet.

Nature in balance

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When I refer in the previous paragraph that one component does not affect another, it is because I consider that this is the genesis of the problem that we are facing from the environmental and social point of view; I point this out because large companies in their eagerness to produce more money every day, began to use marketing as a fundamental strategy to increase consumption in society and therefore if consumption increases, a greater exploitation of resources is needed to produce electronic equipment among others, in addition to this, the use of transgenic crops began with the aim of having more resistant plants and save more money in pest and disease control costs, and these genetic changes can affect human health, in addition to the production of crops such as corn among others to produce animal food.

Consequently, it is observed that the economic component predominates in society and other components such as the environment are neglected, which has generated an abrupt climate change due to the indiscriminate use of many elements to increase the production of items in any economic area. That is why large governmental organizations promote what we know as sustainable development.


To conclude, I will detail what I consider to be the most important aspects of sustainability and holistic living.

As a professional in the agricultural area, I have learned that life is a perfect system that must be managed in balance, as well as agricultural systems, respecting all the elements involved to obtain better results. Therefore, from a holistic and sustainable point of view from my professional area (economics), I try as far as possible to use strategies that do not affect the environment, for example, the use of organic matter for crop fertilization, thus respecting the natural process of microorganisms to decompose organic material without affecting its presence in the soil, that certainly in the long term benefits the environment, my economy and food production.

Finally, I believe that we must see life as a whole following the sustainable and holistic approach where there is a synergy between the aspects of our lives, taking into account that what we do in one of the aspects can affect the others for better or worse. We always see the effects that our decisions or actions can have on society and the environment.

Dear readers, thank you for staying with us until the end,

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Great Post!


Thanks for the support dear friend !

Yes, I agree, the environment has become the casualty - economic wealthy is the cornerstone of this demise. Ironically, we cannot sustain our economic lifestyle if we fail to protect our environment, so man’s consumer oriented mind set is going to destroy both easy living and the space to do it in. Well argued piece. Thank you for posting in the EcoTrain


Hello dear @itsostylish, thank you for your valuable comment, without a doubt, the levels of consumption of the human being has caused an excessive exploitation of natural resources, which directly affects the climatic balance, conventional agriculture also interferes with the environmental balance due to the excessive use of agrochemicals. We hope that the sustainable vision will soon be realized in the different production areas.

So long, have a great weekend.

Thank you for sharing your insights. More and more I'm seeing how important it is to be approaching agriculture with a mind to limit the impact on the environment. I've worked on farms, and I've been a gardener for a landscaping company. But only now, as I'm planning on growing and raising my own food soon, do I really start to see how important it is to refrain from using chemicals and such. Thanks for sharing!

Hello @starbor, I see that you have experience in the agricultural area and I am glad that you take into account using organic matter to establish your plants, it is certainly the best and minimize the use of agrochemicals. I wish you much success in establishing your crops.

So long, happy weekend.

Thanks for this piece of text. I agree with it a lot. In particular it is often quite easy to fall in the trap of money, i.e. "earning more at all costs", which is literally killing our planet... However, there is always a larger gain in trying to maintain a balance between different aspects.


Hello dear friend @lemouth, thank you for your valuable visit to my blog, it is difficult to see how wanting more and more wealth we sacrifice our ecosystems, I remember that since we are in high school we talk about biology, how ecosystems are integrated and the importance of respecting the synergy of their component elements. Unfortunately, the growth of consumption broke this barrier and began with the use of products that were quickly assimilated by plants, but that can affect soil biota with their excessive applications. Let us hope that sustainability becomes more than a fashionable term and many countries begin to regulate it.

So long, have a great weekend.

Have a nice week end, and thanks for the answer with which I fully agree. There is a huge difference between what we have been taught, and what is currently done by the society on a global scale.

Have a nice week-end!

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Excellent post, I like that it shows the dimension of sustainable development and congruence with holistic living. Greeting

Hello @mogollono1862, thank you for your valuable comment, I am pleased to know that the article was to your liking and I manage to convey what I think about sustainability and holism.

So long, have a great start to the week.