ecoTrain QOTW #9.4: Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together? And I'm answering these questions .

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****Talking about spirituality and technology, it seems to be going together because we see that many years ago in Egypt, we have seen that the things we see there were made with the help of technology many years ago. Beware those who are remembering things now this is what we are seeing in Egypt many years ago According to my opinion, many years ago this technology was there which is still not there in this world as we can see in Egypt that it is seen in a very big mess, making this mountain is a very difficult task.

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We are going through a very modern and technological age. When I was born, the world was not so colorful. They used to live together. This is called spirituality. You have to feel for each other and you have to support each other. And we talk about reaching the moon and we always think that nothing is more powerful than us because we think that we have made a lot of progress. We can't make things that are very old. The politicians of that time are very intelligent. However, you know that we can't make things that are made in Dubai in Egypt because we don't know what they are. The problem is not solved. Some people say that they were created by some other creature and some people say that they are made by human beings. Gee I think it exists in every age no matter how far it is because the lily is formed automatically and man tries to celebrate it because the intellect exists he creates things with his intellect but we It should not be forgotten that the best thing in terms of spirituality and technology is also fluency. Technology is evolving so much that as technology you can see that many years ago there was no such thing but Allah Almighty He gave wisdom to man and said to him.

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Let's talk about the benefits of this technology for human beings and the difficulties that human beings are facing. Let me tell you, I don't know when I was born and when I regained consciousness. There was no electricity in our area at that time. I was seven years old in Jam. I used to get up early in the morning and go to the fields with my father. At that time we did not use any technology. For example. So if we needed a light we would get one by burning another one and if we had to go somewhere far away we would go on a bicycle and we didn't have anything like that. If we had to go somewhere far away, it would take us a day to go. At that time, if a man had to go somewhere, he would have to leave very soon for his journey because he knew that it would take me a while on the way. Time should come out of here. Until then, there was no era of Novel G and people were very happy with each other. At that time, people also had time. They used to sit together and share each other's sorrows and it was a very good time. At that time there was a flow, there was a feeling of each other and everything could be shared with each other, helping each other. I would call this period also the age of spirituality

And now we are talking about the age of technology. In today's age of technology man has made a lot of progress but this feeling is gone because in this age no one has any time. Everyone is very early and wants to arrive very soon. Although I do not have time to give a ticket to a friend and I always think of what to do, leave everyone behind and go ahead and I will make a lot of progress. The thing is if he has to go somewhere he has a motor car or something that he can travel quickly and if he has to contact someone then he has a phone from which He can talk as much as he wants, even though all these things did not exist in the past, but man was happy at that time. I used to think that the ticket parents have come and changed the human being. Every human being is running after technology all the time. I should also think and live happily with each other


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