Socio-environmental importance of preparing organic fertilizers through the use of organic materials

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In the last two decades, there has been a worldwide interest in improving the socio-environmental quality of the population through the use of fertilizers from plant materials, organic wastes, among others, in order to reduce the impact of environmental pollution of natural resources, mainly due to the alarming deterioration of the environment caused by the indiscriminate use of chemicals to fertilize crops; for this reason, actions are being promoted in favor of environmental protection and social welfare.

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▶ In this sense, it is important to emphasize that this publication has socio-community implications, because the elements described in this manuscript are intended to make known in an alternative way the socio-environmental importance of preparing organic fertilizers by using organic materials and to subsequently evaluate their effects on certain crops, which will help them to assume a co-responsible attitude in the care of the environment.

Also, in the educational aspect of this manuscript is that it gives readers the opportunity to know and learn various ways to promote the environmental attitude for the benefit of a quality socio-environmental education, which goes in favor of a better society that respects and values the natural resources that Mother Nature has given us.

Similarly, in relation to the practical aspect, this manuscript offers users, particularly teachers and students, to put into practice different learning strategies such as: discussion, debate, exposition and action-research, as collective ways of improving the quality of education in defense of the environment, agricultural food production and even a healthy social environment.

As for the theoretical aspect, this manuscript justifies its feasibility because it promotes actions, concepts and activities oriented to the participation of people, whose results could serve as a reference for all people in this block chain (HIVE) who wish to promote the use of organic fertilizers in the various crops that are practiced in their territorial communities, establishing objectives that satisfy the relationship between the social and the environmental.

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Finally, the transcendental aspect of this type of content in my blog is framed within holistic approaches to encourage responses in people that allow them to execute ecological actions of quantitative impact, with the purpose of seeking the solution to the problems of environmental and social deterioration.

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