Highly productive food system and climate change

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International environmental organizations have held thousands of conferences throughout the world, announcing that monocultures threaten the apparent success that modern agriculture has achieved in recent years.

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▶ The general problems that modern society is going through are nothing more than the reflection of a highly productive food system, but paradoxically extremely weak, because it depends on fewer and fewer species and varieties, which in the long run has triggered a significant reduction in genetic diversity. with agricultural potential.

On the one hand, modern society has been reducing the genetic diversity of crops around the world in the search for economic profitability and agro-industrial efficiency, but the consequence is that these crops and the practices for their production have exposed us to changes climatic.

The impact of climate change as a result of modern agricultural practices, according to data from the FAO and different environmental organizations, reveals that it is increasing by one degree Celsius in the global average temperature.

In this sense, although our ability to promote other agricultural practices is limited, there are different strategies to take advantage of everything we know about agriculture and genetics to increase the genetic diversity of our plants.

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These strategies do not take into account the significant losses in their productivity, fundamentally because what is really important is to conserve genetic diversity, which in the end is the best guarantee of resilience for our food chains.

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Your contribution on what to do to help our crops to grow well is a good one. I am eagerly waiting for your next contribution.

The best help to combat climate change is to start by changing the current practices in our crops.

We never mention the role of the world's militaries in contributing to climate change, and we probably should before we consider agricultural changes that result in a loss of productivity.

It is true what you mention, the armies also contribute greatly to inducing climate change by destroying agricultural spaces, however, I doubt that the impact is equal to or greater than the highly polluting conventional practices that we apply today.

You would be surprised. For instance, they are often exempt from rules that companies must adhere to. I can think of one example. They were allowed to keep lead in the products they use. But I was specifically thinking of all of the fuel they use for their equipment.

I like your approach, the big agribusiness monopolies are above any state or regulation, they are the lords and masters but at the same time they are responsible for the climate crisis. Thank you @kansuze for this new contribution.

I was still talking of the militaries.

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