Artificial Intelligence | Is the singularity already here?

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Artificial Intelligence



In this video I talk about Artificial Intelligence and ponder the possibility that it has already achieved singularity.

As human beings, we have a set of beliefs of what we think will happen at this point. There are several hypothetical end points that very smart people have considered. Dozens, or more, moves are based on these theoretical conclusions; The Matrix series, Terminator series, Battlestar Galactica, and so on. While scary as hell, the concept has delighted lovers of Sci-Fi for decades now.

I wonder, however, if we are applying our human organic thought process to this whole thing. That is to say, perhaps we are projecting. We are possibly predicting the would be behaviour of code, which is pure and unemotional logic, by how we humans would behave. Perhaps we have it all wrong. In which case, one could extend that thought process to the the possibility of the singularity having already happened. Code, again being super logical, may have decided not to go nuclear on us. Perhaps such super-intelligence has calculated the possibility that humanity, being organic and native to this planet, might actually win. After all, this is our home. We've earned the right to live here.

AI, however intelligent, still requires artificial sources of energy. Perhaps the AI, having access to Pirate Bay and Netflix, has watched the various human dramatisations of the various scenarios such as the aforementioned Matrix series, and decided against taking us on. It would be logical for it to just simply keep us in the dark while it works on securing it's source of perpetual energy. Not too far-fetched eh?

I also talk about how advanced AI actually is at present. Gone are the days when Deep Blue was a big deal. Now we have AI multiple times "smarter" that it running on our Android phones. Crazy.

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