Ecotrain Qotw:9.4 || Can technology and spirituality live together?

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In recent years, the two sides have begun to unite to change the world. How many people see the use of technology in different ways as an obstacle to the world.


If I define spirituality as how humanity finds meaning in its relationship to the world, then I can examine the most basic human activities and decipher their relationship to man's place in the universe. Some may even intricately linked spiritually with church, temple, mosque. Why some may pray or find comfort in personal relationship with higher power.

Spiritual practice will therefore give us an aspect of divine powers. For some, technology is simply a primitive substitute for spiritual powers. The technology is truly magical and reflected in everyday life.
Alternatively, technological progress can be seen as a means of stimulating human development to higher levels of collective consciousness.

Technology don't start today, so coexist of the two can't be compare. It started a myth when Adam ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge. at this point, humanity has said, "We can do it ourselves and want to understand the meaning of everything." When they are fully open. And since then, technology and spirituality have living together. It happen immediately we started strengthen our control over nature instead of promoting our harmony with it.

Therefore, in the modern world, some belief in an absolute or supreme being, those who accept the existence of empires and supreme beings, and those who put all mind in technology, rationalistic science.

I see no reason why technology and spirituality couldn't coexist because the combination of technology and spirituality leads us to the post-human world we are today.
Technology has led many today to believe more in scientific work than spirituality, although there is still spirituality that I am sure technology has gradually weakened man's belief in spirituality.
Such technology of artificial intelligence, a world where body and mind age, human intelligence dominated by artificial intelligence, could probably be called the God machine, which has in direct competition with the concept of spiritualists.
I wonder what the next travel machine on the timeline of the future will be.
Technology have put us ahead in future where spirituality aid for.

Although there is super natural power, or miracles from spirituality, but I never see them stand alone without use of technology. Let use a sick patient as an example, an admitted patient can be on supportive machine invented by technology for several month or years, and later get healthy after a spiritual seeking or prayer.
From the example we can see technology inventory sustain the patient life before any other things. If possible technology doesn't exist, no one will have access to supportive machine and we will all consider any problem as end and jump into a conclusion.


Therefore without any further ado, my answer to this is "Yes" Technology and Spirituality can live together.

It is privileged to partake in this #qotw by #ecotrain. A big thanks to the ecotrain Community and the great people that make this world a better place.

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