Planet Minf

Planet Min



Hello hello good community, I want to share these new illustrations and tell you a little about their history.


New cyborgs arrived on the planet Min, they came in search of new lands since their planet was completely destroyed by invaders from other planets who stole their wealth.

Leaving the barren planet there. In search of a new home, the commander searched and searched for the survivors of his planet. It was only a group of 40 who were able to escape, they had fled in the ships that they themselves had been able to build, they had to make the ships fast to save the inhabitants as much as possible, some warriors stayed to defend their planet, unfortunately they did not succeed save nothing so the surviving warriors had to flee.

They set out on their journey with their life preserver to target the planet. For weeks their lives were at stake, their technology did not allow them to travel faster, the planets were very far from each other and it would take them a long time to fly from one to the other. Relying on the best possible speed they could make, they came across an unknown planet, they landed there to rest.




I hope you like it a lot, see you soon 😊