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b0s the Great.png

Image generated using midjourney and used with permission

Ever since a week or so ago when MR Dragon created this lovely Ai art for me, my interest In Ai art has increased massively. I have heard of Ai creating images using word prompts in the past, but never really looked into it until now.

It's amazing and also very addictive churning out high-quality art (at least most of the time) in such a short amount of time by simply writing phrases. Pictures that I definitely can't create an even If I could create, would take hours or days are being completed in a matter of seconds.

Over the last few days I've spent my free time on discord making use of diffusion bots and creating some art, so In this post, I'll be showing you some of my favorites.


Firstly I'll show you some of the ones I made using Artybot. Arty is a great stable diffusion bot made and is still being developed by ausbitbank, for more info you can check out this post. You can also join the discord channel



city again.png

As a noob to the art world, I started with something relatively simple. All I typed in was futuristic cyberpunk city and in about 19 seconds I got this beauty. The picture is beautiful and gives foresight to what our world could look like soon with the way tech is advancing.



cyberpunk girl.png

I continued with the cyberpunk theme and made this beautiful cyberpunk lady. In this future humans and tech have bonded and as such our fashion will also be influenced by tech. These cool high-tech glasses and headgear are a good example.



I decided to also try some regular photos that I could use in my blogs.

man wearing hat.png

Man wearing a hat

Dog playing Chess.png

Dog playing chess

cat wearing a beanie.png

Cat wearing a beanie

It's amazing how realistic the pics are, and how stress-free it is to get them. I wonder how long it would take me to find a free-to-use picture of a dog playing chess, or a cat wearing a beanie.


Since the first Ai art I was gifted was from midjourney, I decided to head over to their discord and make use of the AI.




The first thing that came to my mind as I logged on was a soldier, so why not? I really love how this one came out. The background is super cool with the lights and all, and though it's a bit too long I like his rifle. I also generally like the art style. It's just perfect.




This one was to be a dragon breathing fire on the city, but I ended up getting more than I bargained for. A phoenix moving about the city. She may not necessarily want to destroy the city, but her presence is too much for the city and it is engulfed in flames



b0s_cat_wearing_a_superman_costum - the best.png

This is one is my favorite. I requested for a cat wearing a superman costume and at first, it didn't come out so great. I had to modify it a couple of times until this masterpiece was born. His serious face shows you he's not joking around and I like that. each time I look at it I feel like he's staring into my soul.


I really like AI art and I feel, like tech, it'll only improve with time. The whole concept of writing prompts and getting high quality art is amazing. Though I wonder how it'll affect artists who do things manually. Hopefully, it'll be In a positive way.

I've seen some incredible AI art online, and they've motivated me to try to improve my skills. Do tell me your favorite one from the ones above in the comment section



All images are made by me unless stated otherwise


Wonderful gallery. I've tried the AI just recently but it seems I need more practice detailing the description for a better art output. 😊


Hehe, yeah it's not as easy as it looks. But with practice it gets better. I've seen some people make amazing art with the Ai, I found looking at those help as well.


I saw you playing around while I was playing :D It is truly amazing what outcomes you can get. The human input still counts a lot though. And that is what makes it so addicting. I could spend hours playing around with the different inputs and styles and prompts and scales and samplers.

hehe, I saw you too. you were the guy with the really weird and 🙈 prompts lol. Yeah its just so fun to watch what it'll generate when you type certain things.


Very super cool! I love the supercat ^^

Thank you, that's my favorite as well.

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Thanks @bhattg

Love this!

What a great idea!

Totally going to use this moving forward. Thank you 👍

I'm glad you like it. Looking forward to seeing your creations