Flat-Earth Fallacy

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Temperatures have been rising over the centuries. In the same time the number of pirates has decreased. Therefore we need more pirates to combat global warming.

Flat Earth Billboard - Philadelphia airport - source: YouTube

Here are some more nonsensical arguments:

  • All images from space are digitally manipulated. Thus space must be a hoax.
  • In mainstream media you've heard the earth is a globe. We all know the mainstream media is not to be trusted. Therefore Earth must be flat.
  • All dogs are mammals. Billy Bob is a mammal. Hence Billy Bob must be a dog.
  • All atoms are invisible to the naked eye. I'm made out of atoms. That's why you can't see me.

If you hadn't noticed yet, all the above are logical fallacies, sometimes called "formal fallacies", "deductive fallacies", also known by the popular Latin term "non sequitur", that can be loosely translated into "it does not follow". They're all bad arguments that make no sense because their conclusions don't necessarily, or logically, follow from the premises. Flat-Earth theory is based on many such logical fallacies, two of which are listed above. Another fallacy often encountered in this conspiracy theory, as well as many others, is the argument from authority, where the opinion of an authority on a topic is used as evidence to support an argument; you know, like flat-earthers, climate-change deniers and anti-vaxxers who point to one or two fringe "experts" to bolster their arguments.

Azimuthal equidistant projections of the sphere like this one have also been co-opted as images of the flat Earth model depicting Antarctica as an ice wall surrounding a disk-shaped Earth - source: Wikipedia

Now, we must thank the flat-earthers for trying to protect our easily fooled minds from making that same mistake. They firmly reject the ridiculous stories Earth as a globe, and I see it too now. How could I have ever believed the planet we walk on is a globe. A spinning globe no less! I mean, we would all be flung into space... If there was such a thing as space! Next thing they'll try to make us believe the planet isn't hollow! Bwah! We can't trust anyone anymore!! Except the pirates of course...

So, certainly don't listen to Carl Sagan in the below linked video when he explains about how the flat Earth was debunked more than 2000 years ago. What does he know anyway?

Seriously though, it's actually getting kind of frightening how easy we seem to fall for crackpot theories in this age of information abundance and disinformation abundance. This flat earth idea seems to have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, among others, even with expensive billboards payed for by powerful organizations... It seems that 2019 was the last year the FLAT EARTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, probably due to the pandemic, and it will probably be organized again when that's finally behind us... But please... don't go there.

Do come back here though. Tomorrow. For I will be back. You will be here tomorrow. Therefore I will be here tomorrow. That's not a logical fallacy ;-)

Flat earth experiment from ancient egypt - Carl Sagan

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