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RE: Not much to add... I wanted to share what the founder of Greenpeace has to say about "Climate Change".

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Patrick Moore stated that during the LGM (late glacial maximum) atomspheric CO2 bounced off ~190ppm, which is where photosynthetic plants literally starve to death from lack of CO2. We, by roughly doubling CO2 available to plants, have staved off that total global extinction of all life on Earth by perhaps millions of years.


Up to ~4k ppm, CO2 is increasingly beneficial to natural ecosystems, including people, by improving plant productivity without causing any harm to animals.


4kppm is less than 1/3 of the CO2 wearing masks cause us to breathe in, BTW.

Carbon dioxide rises beyond acceptable safety levels in children under nose and mouth covering: Results of an experimental measurement study in healthy children

People that say 'trust the science' should know the science. What they think is 'the science' turns out to be Anthony Fauci, and similar profiteers, that lie to profit from the lack of understanding of their marks.

The young are naive, inexperienced of the often blatant deception deployed by psychopaths to profitably derange them. Not until they have been deprived of their worldly possessions a few times will they gain the jaded expectation of fraud from financialization.

Because CO2 is the foundation of life on Earth, it is the most valuable resource that exists. Because corporations are able to conjure money out of thin air they can buy all carbon credits, which avails them complete control of life on Earth. That includes complete control of us, because we are part of terrestrial life. Knowing the common practices of con artists enables understanding that these facts ensure carbon credits will be used by corporations to devastate life on Earth, because they can profit best from having 100% of necessities most scarce, and therefore most valuable.

That is what AGW alarmism is about, not climate.