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RE: How To Turn Off COVID-19 Tracking on iPhone

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Google, Apple and Microsoft have been working on technology to track user behavior for decades. COVID19 is simply a convenient excuse to take the technology live.

The COVID19 epidemic has reached a critical mass and contact tracing no longer does anything.

However, this technology would be a great way to track all of the users who attended the protests.

Quite frankly, they can track people who didn't attend the protest.

Google knows if you went to the Democratic Rally, the Republican Rally or, God forbid, a Libertarian rally.

They already track people when they go to restaurants or to a salon for a hair cut.

They can track people to see where they go for job interviews. It is such exciting tech.

With all that information in hand, Google will soon be able to coerce people to go where the tech giant wills.


I am leaving my mobile phone at home when I go out in my free time. I actually could also leave it at home, while working. I think I am going to do that, too.

I am afraid many people are already in the situation that being available through mobile devices is a requirement in their jobs.

That brings up a good question. I wonder where my phone is?

There are quite a few apps that track people who go into businesses and business districts. I would not be surprised to start seeing places that require that people have a smartphone to enter an area.