Deep Self Healing - The #1 Priority For Humans That Most People Ignore Constantly.

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We all have obligations in life if we are to even stay alive and the highest priority of them is to maintain our own health. Despite this, it is very common for people to completely deny their own needs, to block them out with excuses, mask the situation by blaming others and to get caught up in habit patterns and projection that prevents health. While we often do not want to hear it, what all of these blockages have in common is a loss of personal power, combined with sub-optimal awareness and integrity.


The situation is tragic and a large percentage of human deaths could be prevented if those involved had sufficiently accurate and deep awareness/information regarding their own inner state. Unfortunately, the heavily conditioned belief systems which claim that we must always defer to 'experts' regarding our own health, is a significant part of why so many people die of serious diseases, since the bulk of signals needed to understand our own ill health are internal to us and cannot easily be accurately read or understood by others or machines.

Ultimately it is not possible to accurately claim that we know that we could not overcome all disease and even death itself with sufficiently high levels of understanding and consciousness. Only an individual with vastly higher consciousness than is typical in Humans could even stand a chance of accurately being able to claim they know for certain that death is inevitable. Thinking otherwise is ultimately a denial of many things.

Emotionality - A Fundamental Driver of Health & Evolution

By now we have an abundance of information, both scientific in origin and also from the lived experience of many billions of lifetimes, to draw upon when it comes to our bodies, nutrition and sanitation.

These are areas of health that can be measured and repeatedly tested under controlled conditions, so we are relatively confident about many aspects of how our bodies work. However, we gravely lack deep insight into our inner worlds, including psychology and in particular our emotionality. Our health depends on all three of our main inner dimensions - body, mind and emotionality, so our ignorance here is of the utmost importance to correct.

While there are many psychologists, writers, therapists, authors and others who explore the inner realities and our minds, we - for the most part - continue to be trapped by the complexities involved and our own individual conditions of unconsciousness. In short, our own best tools for learning about the causes of our problems are themselves also heavily damaged and pushed into denial/unconsciousness.

It is as if we are tasked with repairing a car while all of our tools are damaged - we have to somehow use what we have left to first repair our tools and then repair the car. Not only that, our understanding of the situation is massively hampered by our disconnection from our origins and our past.

The reality of this is both terrifying and highly motivating, so we need to use what faculties we have to process our terror, accept it with love and to thus then empower ourselves to heal, balance and evolve to a more stable state of being. The pitfalls here are many, since many times people will get trapped by limited thinking that claims that change is impossible and that (somehow) any action is futile. The reality, however, is different - we CAN resolve ALL of our own problems if we have all of the right puzzle pieces and make the right decisions consistently enough.

We might disagree about some of the big topics in life, but we must all agree that we experience being human in a way that involves our body, our ability to think and our ability to feel. However, we typically lack understanding of where our thoughts, emotions and body patterns truly originate from, which can leave us floundering when faced with a difficult health challenge.

Finding True Causes Requires The Right Approach

We may have some ideas about life evolving over vast periods of time and this is not wrong, but still there are many details involved in that process that most people are unsure of.

We might have feelings of a distant recollection of something that we can't quite bring to the light of consciousness after seeing someone or visiting a place - where do these fleeting images or remembrances originate from? We may believe a certain idea or feel a certain way about people/places/ideas but not really know why we do. It is essential to deeply understand all of these phenomena if we are to enjoy full health since our own personal destiny is directed through our own will, which in turn is influenced by our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Many times we fail to understand just how much of our thoughts and emotions originate from our human parents, not just in what they teach us consciously but also what gets passed down to us without our awareness. If we then notice that this is also the condition that our parents were born into, it becomes apparent that we are likely holding imprints, memories, beliefs and feelings in an unconscious way that may have been passed down through multiple generations.

We are all individuals, but we are also a collage and 'energy soup' made up of thoughts/feelings that have their origins in lifetimes and experiences that we no longer have insight into. This is not a healthy situation for us, not least because we will not be able to think clearly or understand our own emotions when they are clouded by so much debris from times gone by.

Denial Is The Number 1 Killer

Many people, knowing what I have said here to be accurate, have sought solutions in their own way with greatly differing results. While there are too many strategies to mention here, there is one consistent principle that needs to be felt and understood:

If a strategy for healing involves the denial and blocking out of anything at all, it will fail and be counterproductive.

We can neither fully understand or be aware of a situation if we block out the details, nor can we truly resolve our problems. Even if we think we have not denied anything and are being totally honest, it may be years before we learn that we have actually been holding unconscious beliefs which have led us to shut down parts of ourselves which hold important information about our condition.

In short, we can deny that we are in denial - which means that we are trapped in our own unconsciousness, unable to be free or healthy.

Again, when we realise that this problem applies to every human, including all of our ancestors, it becomes apparent that some of the causes of our health problems are likely caught up in unprocessed emotions, hidden beliefs and other patterns that we have collectively been holding on to and passing around for a very long time.

Dealing with all of this can seem overwhelming, but we are, as a species, already overwhelmed by disease and ill health anyway - so much so that many people see disease and death as inevitable, but they are not.

In truth, the causes of our problems are mostly within us and once we clear up our own mind, consciousness and emotional bodies, we are much more capable of finding the true causes of challenges and taking the correct action to resolve them.

Successful healing ALWAYS involves love and usually involves an increase in our own internal self acceptance and love. Love is the essence of living souls having their real needs met. Love therefore relies upon and motivates truth over deception and denial. If you want to say that love has nothing to do with healing, you need to notice that it is loving to accept our own feelings and it is primarily our feelings that inform us of our health. Rejecting these feelings prevents healing and is unloving.

Re-Membering Personal Responsibility - The Ability To Respond

One of the most complex challenges in deep healing processes comes in understanding what is truly ours and what belongs to others, such as our parents. Those who stay in close contact with their human parents throughout their lives will often realise as they develop that many of the patterns they saw in their parents when they were children are also now in them as adults, but they don't remember creating them!

An empowering truth here is that regardless of whether we fully know the origin of the patterns we are embodying at any given moment, we are capable of taking responsibility. We can take responsibility at first for our involvement with the pattern and we can then seek to find out how much direct involvement we personally have with the cause of the pattern. Tracing our own true responsibility requires us to open to lost memories of many kinds, some that are more mental at first, some more emotional and some of other types too.

It is a common mistake of limited thinking to assume/presume that this human life is your first. It is extremely unlikely that this is your first human incarnation. If this sounds far fetched to you, I suggest that you take some time to honestly question how it is that so many people keep being born and dying over and over, yet your logic wants to claim that these people magically disappear and reappear in between lives. It is far more logical that their consciousness and non physical components simply shift to less dense physical realms before re-embarking on a journey on Earth, is it not? There are very large groups on Facebook and elsewhere for people who explore these topics and I suggest the books 'Destiny of souls' and 'Journey of souls' by Dr. Michael Newton for more on 'lives between lives'.

I mention reincarnation just to highlight that despite us not recalling our own involvement in the causation of some of the troublesome patterns we see in life and in our own lives, it is entirely possible (likely) that we actually do have far more involvement in their creation than we have realised - since we have lived other lives, made decisions acted, died and then forgotten it all - over and over again. This does not need to be our plight forever, since if you truly want to remember, you can remember.

When it is felt and understood that many of the difficulties we face with changing ingrained behaviour patterns stem from us being disconnected internally from the memories and origins of the patterns, we then start to seek ways to cause these memories to emerge. Emotional processing is the most effective way to achieve this since it has largely been the blocking out of emotions that has led to the burial of memory and the associated loss of power.

Testing out what I am saying here will take some time but is not too hard for you to do. Do what you can to remember, by setting a strong intention, that you are doing an experiment to notice how often you try to shut down, control or reject how you truly feel in response to things in your life. You need to notice more internally than you have been doing previously.

You may notice that you block out your feelings a lot or you may notice that you don't seem to have any emotions at all. In any case, start to question how much of your thought process is opting to skip over emotionality and over time you will, if diligent, be presented with opportunities to change your thought process in ways that result in increased awareness of your real feelings.

The more you do this, the more you will find that if you also deliberately feel deeply into triggering situations, that you have more emotion surfacing in your consciousness than you first thought. By lovingly welcoming and accepting these feelings into your experience and self, you can learn from them, expand your understanding of what is driving you, what you need and why you are suffering. Emotions are signals and messengers that are important tools in our 'human repair garage' and without them we cannot heal fully or deeply.

Emotions help us to connect with memories and these will include some memories we didn't want to lose track of and also some that we have desperately been trying to hide. They key to healing here is to get the emotions in motion, to allow them to surface (in private if necessary) and to be expressed as sounds and/or body movements. These might take the form of screaming, shouting, crying or other sounds - plus body movements such as shaking or the habitual patterns of trying to punch when angry. Many of the sounds we need to be making in order to be free are those which we tend to heavily judge and criticise as 'bad', 'wrong' or 'crazy'. In truth, by judging in this way, we have harmed ourselves greatly.

The more emotional we become and the less control we place on our real feelings, the more free we feel and the healthier we gradually become as our energetic pathways strengthen, relax and communicate more effectively within us. Be aware that we are surrounded by epic amounts of mind control and limiting belief systems that attempt to use guilt and fear to control us and prevent us being real with emotions - do not mistake this control for love, it is not love but you can only tell the difference once you can feel freely enough to do so.

Gradually, as this process continues, we can start to become more attuned to what is ours and what is not. We can know what issues and patterns began in us and which began in our parents. Not only does this allow us to better know who we are and to heal ourselves, it can also help us to help heal our family and friends too. At the very least, an increased level of self love and awareness engenders greater compassion for others, which is itself a healing force.

Healing The Individual

It is simply not possible to heal a complex system such as a human being, without knowing what needs to be healed. It is not possible to know what needs to be healed without knowing where the individual begins and ends. It is not possible to fully heal while trying to crush your own ego or to merge in to a homogeneous collective of people. You are an individuated being and there is no getting away from it - you need to accept individuality in order to heal.

Free will is personal empowerment and all healing requires it. There is no possible way for us to fully actualise humanity while we claim that self destruction through denial of individuation is actually liberation. Entire cultures have emerged which reflect back to us the risks of denying individual liberty, our task is to not deny the lessons here as we have so often denied ourselves previously in so many ways.

Ceasing the blame game, ending judgement and feeling deeply are all necessary to gain enough clarity to be able to begin to see clearly into the root causes of our health (and other) challenges. If we have not begun this process then we are in no position to understand what is and is not possible for us and for health in general.

Those who judge that 'science already knows' everything there is to know about health are short circuiting their own evolution. We are all our own scientists to some extent and we are likely to create minor experiments fairly regularly as we live our lives, this is simply part of the way that we learn. It is 100% possible for any individual to gain experience and lessons that the majority of other people have not attained and that do not show up in any scientific research.


The world of commerce and it's marketing teams would have us believe that healing is as simple as taking pills or reading books, but this is not true. We are also told in covert and obvious ways that certain health problems 'cannot be cured', despite numerous examples of the diseases being cured by people not following mainstream thinking. We are all truly unique individuals and so our healing journey is always going to be unique.

What we are not is a carbon copy of each other whose health is totally mechanistic in nature. We do not always get the same results when treating several people who have similar problems in the same way. Importantly, it is our own STATE OF BEING that affects our state of health, more than most other factors. This means that our thinking and the resulting emotions affect our overall balance far more than has been widely accepted up to this point.

There are numerous reasons why this has taken place, from an unwillingness to be real about our emotions, through to hugely dysfunctional beliefs that layer on the guilt and that weigh down our beings, through to greed from the 'experts' who are actually more involved in making profit than in helping anyone to truly heal.

Our number one responsibility to ourselves is to maintain health and that means that we all have a real need to deeply dive into the topic of self healing. The fact that this is very far from a normal activity for most people shows just how far we have to go before humanity begins to reach anything approaching it's true destiny.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Hello to you,

personally, I do not see the highest priority or even obligation in preserving my own health. I would even say that it is this very statement that, long before 2020, led to the event that then occurred, that health was designated as the highest social good. I speak out against such a view of what it means to be human. The moment you use this as an argument towards your perceived opponents, you confirm their view more than you doubt it.

a large percentage of human deaths could be prevented if those involved had sufficiently accurate and deep awareness/information regarding their own inner state.

To this I would like to add to my provocation and also reinforce this statement as a confirmation of those you describe as having too little knowledge of their inner world.

The expression "prevention of human death" is quite a shocker and double-edged.

Because when two supposedly opposing worldviews both talk about preventing death, however, they are not really opposing each other, but confirming to each other that this must be the first and foremost concern of human communities.

So as not to be misunderstood, I am not saying that the negative statement "one need not be concerned about the prevention of human death" is acceptable, rather I would avoid this formulation.

Since I am not you and you are using this formulation, I am asking if you are saying this because by doing so you are sending out a common form of communication and language that is meant to reach those who do have the same goal (prevention of death), and are "just on the wrong side"?

Be aware that we are surrounded by epic amounts of mind control and limiting belief systems that attempt to use guilt and fear to control us

Again I see more similarities than differences. When you say that death could have been prevented if those involved would have had wisdom, more lives could have been saved, is it not that you use guilt and fear in the very same way? The blame or shame in being seen as a killer works pretty well, I find on both spectrums. Not literally "well" in the sense that it takes steps to welcome the conflict but to harden the lines.

As Allan Watts put it, this could be seen as a game where "I am more enlightened than you are".


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Wise words and excellent post.

Thank you very much for writing today and excellent subject.

I hope you have an amazing day today.

 4 months ago Reveal Comment

Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Yes, we are our own best doctor in our own 'ward'.
The programming that harms us the most is so pervasive that it is easy to never even admit to or notice. Often it is the belief in self perfection and what amounts to egotism that leads us to hold on to many lies, thinking that we couldn't possibly be wrong because we are so clever.. haha. Humble willingness to relinquish all falsehoods is a requirement for balance. Integration is necessary, including integration and acceptance of our own ego.

May compassion increase! :)

 4 months ago Reveal Comment