Pirate Booty MailBag: Collapse of America, The Plague, E Celeb Shills, Epstein Ring and Much More...

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This is a Friday night fun livestream where we dig through all the mailbag info the pirate crew dug up. We started off by going over the designed collapse of the United States, and how the Belt and Road Communists have infiltrated the USA. Then we discussed the moves by the Chinese to take Taiwan by force. After that we discussed the fall of the E celebs and how their audiences are mainly fake. Nick Fuentes and Baked Alaska were highlighted for their obvious and likely status as fed informants. I broke down the larger network which includes Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, MAPS and the Esalen Institute as exposed by Matthew North. Many more topics were discussed, please watch and share.

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/shownotes/@titusfrost/show-notes-friday-night-pirate-booty-mailbag-collapse-of-america-the-plague-e-celeb-shills-epstein-ring-and-much-more

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