The GiveSendGo Hack and The Grand Narrative - Trucker Convoy Honk Honk

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The GiveSendGo Hack was run by a fed RCMP informant "Kirtaner” handle name, who is an older hacker from back in the day and has openly stated he works with the RCMP. Kirtaner is also allegedly a pedophile who raped a 15 year old girl who was on drugs. This person “hacked” GiveSendGo yeah right, he was allowed to do it, so that the powers that should not be could shut these people’s bank accounts down for supporting the trucker convoy. This run on the banks is by design, as the powers that should not be want to transition society to CBDC’s and to shut down the standard supply chains to bring forth the need for the Belt and Road Initiative as they transition the world to it.

This entire situation was created by the elite to force our hand, and once the truckers did exactly what they had to do, the bankers started their counter plans. Automated trucks incoming, CBDC’s and more surveillance and loss of freedom.

Support the truckers but understand the bigger picture. The enemy never lets a crisis go to waste.

Aubrey Cottle aka Kirtaner:

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All the world is a stage.

If the corporate owned media are allowed to talk about a topic be wary. Divide and conquer programming is going on non stop right now. The best that we can do is take care of our communities. Grow and share food. Know your sheriff and if he upholds the constitution and your rights or if he is corrupt. What are your local legislatures doing. Better yet run for office.

We are no longer consumers but citizens if we just look around and see what needs to be done to make the world a better place. Start at home and see that effect all around you. God bless and be well.

It seems the goal is to destroy faith in government, even in the die hard believers. It's working beautifully. Move over countries of the world, the UN, WEF, and WHO are here to rescue your citizens. Musk just gave them a huge "donation" to solidify his power. Interesting!

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