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RE: Elon: The Ultimate Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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When the video opens, at the end of talking about the endless things you can do with rna/dna, even turn someone into a Korean butterfly he says (......) are already doing it. I can't seem to make out that word he is using. Can you decipher who it is he says is already turning people into Korean butterflies?


Hey. He didn't say "Korean butterfly" he said "freakin' butterfly" ;)
As for the bit you can't make out, he said "caterpillars do it"

You think that may be his way of saying they've isolated the part of a caterpillar that causes that transition and could if they wanted to insert that isolation into human gene therapy.

lol, that part I couldn't figure out sounded like he was saying capitalist's do it, thanks for the clarifications.

The butterfly is a symbol often used for MK ultra references as it was called the "Monarch Program" or "Project Monarch".