Ozone Molecules = Quantifiable 🧐 Virus Organisms = Non Quantifiable

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The medical and drug establishment has been covering up all sorts of environmental pollution related sickness over the years, by calling things what they aren't.


All they have to do is blame things on the non quantifiable virus bugs instead of actual toxic molecules that exist in reality which are completely quantifiable and known to cause health problems. They also fail to understand or communicate about deficiency within the body to cope with these toxic molecules effectively day after day to keep healthy and fit!

Sadly they have gotten away with this, which has led to worse symptoms and higher rates of chronic debilitating diseases in the human population, especially obesity and malnourishment disorders.

The medical drug establishments knowingly lie about virus organisms being the cause of sickness, because this one lie brings in trillions of dollars year after year while people suffer more than ever which makes the medical system more money.

You would think at some point the people would start realising this scam, sadly they don't and not only do they not realise it they help push it along willingly!

It seems all of humanity has been indoctrinated to trust the indoctrinated liars and then once you have been fooled by the liars you inadvertently help push and cheer for the scam to continue as you have no idea that it is a scam to begin with.

So many people fail to realise this truth, that many "experts" are experts in a complete misconception of reality. What happens is people use constant fear and pressure tactics to indoctrinate individuals into ordering and following protocols that are anti human and sadistic/twisted in nature.

These tactics go against the intuitive and natural order of things in order to push and demand completely false ideals that benefit only a few groups of people by keeping many under them completely ignorant.

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By using very intrusive protocols within a high pressure system of operations this will create and program people to be and function as robotic order followers.

This usually ends with people becoming more egotistical and sadistic in nature, unable to recognize their true behaviour or show true compassion with empathy. Many people fall into this cycle because they have been empowered by the sadistic protocols themselves.

As more people are poisoned and run around clueless to how their body functions the more likely they will run to the doctor to get advice. As long as these doctors follow the script the individual will suffer longer and demand more and more of the doctor. This is the most ideal situation that a paid medical drug pusher can hope for and the most sadistic.

As drug companies pay doctors to write and push prescriptions, individuals pay the drug companies to take the prescriptions. Can you see the cycle starting? All synthetic drugs can be made to make people feel good by activating certain receptors but that does not mean the drug heals the body or prevents disease from occurring.

Doctors have become identical to tv entertainment actors, where all they have to do is read the drug companies skewed data and press releases then push drugs on their patients based on the drug companies own findings and fully written protocols and scripts.

Most of these drugs are not safe, nor do what they say they will do. The truth is, the human body is constantly breaking down, healing, repairing and detoxing daily.

Sadly the true nature of healing and true cause of illness is so misunderstood that people beg for the poison to stop the natural healing process of the body.



We've been led so far off the path of natural wellness at this point that people are literally bred to think that they are defective and need outside interventions.

Right on!

I agree, thanks for taking the time to read the post.

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