A brief history of modern ships: guided missile cruisers

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In the Second World War, especially the Japanese gave great importance to the cruisers, they would terrorize the enemy with their fast and powerful guns, but the Japanese lost almost all their ships in the war, the American cruisers were also very strong, their life span was longer.

In the 1950s, America took almost all of its cruisers into the reserve fleet or decommissioned, but did not leave large and new cruisers such as the "des moines" class, they were still hopeful, but the units were too large and the dominance passed to jet-powered aircraft, air defense was insufficient.

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Thereupon, America modernized the heavy cruiser "des moines" class light cruiser "cleveland", new radars were equipped with new missile systems. With their 155-203mm cannons, they carried out coastal bombardment in Vietnam in the Korean War and were successful.

In the late 1960s, cruisers with giant guns began to be replaced by guided missile cruisers. Ships like the USS Chicago were coming to the fore with their guided missile systems. With more advanced infrastructure radar and fire control systems, cruisers did not lose their place in the navy.


This friend's name is USS Long beach cgn-9 . 2 C1W nuclear reactors aboard this world's first nuclear powered guided missile cruiser; It was powered by 2 General Electric turbines, which has enormous advantages.

One of them is that it does not need fuel neglect and can travel unlimited distances. As the only ship of the USS Long beach class, she was a lone ship, but her technology was very advanced, especially for close air defense, she had the Phalanx, apart from that, Harpoon had the tomahawk SM-1.

However, the USS long beach and previous cruisers were withdrawn from service in the late 80s and early 90s, only one cruiser class remained in the American navy at the moment. equipped ship. These ships were superior to all American ships in tracking and attacking the enemy.

The Ticenderoga class is one of the biggest factors that makes the American navy strong. A ship has a total of 128 VLS (Vertical Launching System), as well as the Harpoon system, 128 VLS on the ship is a huge power.


The Ticenderoga class has also participated in operations with the legendary Iowa class battleships, I think they are very lucky, these units have such advanced systems that they are still superior to the new Arleigh burke class ships in some respects.