Science fiction at its worst

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The "pandemic" is literally based on fictional science!

Data comparing incidence of acute respiratory illness (ARE) in the past years with COVID-19 rates:
source: RKI weekly report, from Mar 2nd (german)

How long until this cardhouse of lies and manipulation is crushed?


USSR style of science

So this pandemic is a pack of lies, so while we are waiting for it to all collapse, maybe we should be asking WHY? Why would (essentially) every country want to lock down their population? This was not simply one country, this was the entire world. What is the reason behind this global lock down?

There is speculation this was to help mask the corruption in the US elections. So would we need to lock down the entire world to mess with elections of One country?

These is speculation that this was to usher in a new Financial system, the current way of banks sending money around the world is antiquated to put it mildly, so moving over to BlockChain - cheaper and much faster - would benefit all right? If thats the case build everything in the back ground and then tell the world, we shutting down the banking system over the weekend to transition to this faster method. I think we could all accept that without a global panic?

So whats the purpose of this pandemic?

I am curious to know.

Maybe one day it will be revealed.