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RE: Fauci and Gates: Agenda to Vaccinate Everyone

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I'm not fully convinced that the whole Q thing is real, but it would be pretty damn awesome if it were and all these things come to light in the courts of law and justice appropriately served...


Seems like psy-op or convenient pocket to get people stuck in, and supporting Trump despite his actions. Could be plots within plots and double/triple agent stuff going on, who knows lol

I've been also doing my best to apply critical thinking to ALL sides, especially considering the possibility: maybe there is no grand conspiracy.

Maybe it's just alot of amplification & distortions of bits and pieces of truth that have gotten twisted with different fears, political slants, logical fallacies, and cognitive biases... and it's all merely just part of the organic shitshow of our human evolution.

T'is possible alot of the conspiracies have drastically overestimated the capacity of human beings to collude in large global operations, when the interconnection is actually that of a much higher-dimensional evolutionary program that's all unfolding in pristine perfection... 🤷‍♂️

That is was engineered to happen, maybe not. But it's interesting where the info falls, and very convenient for things to occur as they did. Their is an agenda for forcing vaccinations, increased surveillance with drones, apps, potentially/likely "immunity"-ID/passport/chip, and to only have vaccinations as the "solution" disregarding and not pursuing other treatments like HCQ+azithromicin+zinc, vitC+D+A, etc. which others have used to effectively treat people. Ignoring data about how not lethal this is in favor of maintaining the control system and making people believe it's a "serious threat".

A small group of people are deciding to do something to the larger group of everyone else, pursuing their agenda. That's how a conspiracy works. Either they are willfully ignorant because they have biases, fallacies, political ideologies and fear leading their thinking and behavior. Or they know what they are doing. I go with the latter. There are too many things that are all too convenient.

Maybe there are many groups with different agendas: vaccines, surveillance, control, and their agendas all mesh together. Fear leading to pursuing an agenda for control where some people work towards materializing their objectives onto the majority, is still a conspiracy for me. It's a dream they are making happen because they want it to happen, whether COVID was accidental or not.

Agendas! 🤔

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