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And in exemplifying such innate intelligence, you win more of my respect than the billions who blindly march off the cliff trusting a dying establishment based in lies, distortions, and fear combined.

(I know that may seem/sound harsh to some - especially those in the latter group - but it’s the truth of how I feel on the matter.)


Thanks :)

How can we overcome the enmity between the camps and still maintain dignity? It's like living in parallel worlds where there seems no access to each other. I try to find a middle way but that's not easy. Trying to ask direct questions or avoid the topic all over when I sense that otherwise another bridge would be closed.

Have a good day and thank you again for the research.
Sincere greetings!

Good question.

From one angle, I could see that as an unrealistic aim. (At least in regards to bringing all people in alignment.) That there are some people who’ve went so far into one extreme or another and may not be willing to seek the middle ground of peace between camps.

From another... perhaps it’s simply a matter of doing so individually - knowing that it’d be impossible to get everyone on the same page, but walking in our personal truth regardless as an example of that higher degree of character we’d like to see more of in the world.

My favourite astrologer, The Leo King, was just saying last night how he foresees the V not getting approved - and how that actually might be a catalyst to healing the divide. I’d personally like to see that unfold, as then it’d be pretty hard for people to keep denying.

Either way, perhaps just a matter of “staying in our own lanes” while honouring that’s others are in theirs, taking their own journeys to different destinations, and emanating compassion irregardless of what others choosing to aggressively reinforce the division are doing. Perhaps each shall come to see different levels of Truth in their own timing - or not - and best just surround ourselves with those whose embodiment supports what we need for our own highest/best growth. Blah Blah Blah. 🤷‍♂️


:) HaHa, I like it when you put a Blah Blah Blah behind your sentences. Shows your humor.

From one angle, I could see that as an unrealistic aim.

And it probably is. So it's always a pick and see, no? I try to go by the way you mentioned here. Oftentimes I am able to do that, more than the other way around. The thing is, I feel, that I am holding myself back when I question another person and assume, he or she might not do me the same favor. That's the aggravating component in social contact. Trying to still learn to stay true.