Pfizer Data Coming Out: "Trust The Science..."

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Do the math.

That's a 2.91% rate of DEATH.

And COVID was/is...?

(And what exactly did a quarter of participants "not recover" from? And the 9400 "unknown...?")



Looking forward to the 55,000 pages that are suppose to be made public in the next 48 hrs, that is, if they aren't full of redactions. Hopefully there are some autists out there who can collate and parse through the data asap.

Edit: Just checked again and their was a large amount of docs released today!

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While I’m not super versed in the technicalities of reading such statistical data and these types types of things with the details you write of here feel difficult for my brain to process at this time, I much appreciate your diligence and contribution of your insight to this global conversation. 🙏

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