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Ini sangat luar biasa. Semoga bisa dilakukan dengan berhasil. Terima kasih telah membagikan informasi ini. Sukses selalu untuk mu @rok-sivante

This is extraordinary. Hopefully it can be done successfully. Thank you for sharing this information. Always success for you @rok-sivante

Google, Apple and Microsoft have been working on technology to track user behavior for decades. COVID19 is simply a convenient excuse to take the technology live.

The COVID19 epidemic has reached a critical mass and contact tracing no longer does anything.

However, this technology would be a great way to track all of the users who attended the protests.

Quite frankly, they can track people who didn't attend the protest.

Google knows if you went to the Democratic Rally, the Republican Rally or, God forbid, a Libertarian rally.

They already track people when they go to restaurants or to a salon for a hair cut.

They can track people to see where they go for job interviews. It is such exciting tech.

With all that information in hand, Google will soon be able to coerce people to go where the tech giant wills.

I am leaving my mobile phone at home when I go out in my free time. I actually could also leave it at home, while working. I think I am going to do that, too.

I am afraid many people are already in the situation that being available through mobile devices is a requirement in their jobs.

That brings up a good question. I wonder where my phone is?

There are quite a few apps that track people who go into businesses and business districts. I would not be surprised to start seeing places that require that people have a smartphone to enter an area.

I can guess the answer, but I wonder: is this legal? I'm really finding out about this! (amazement). There is already enough discrimination in the world, violations of individual rights and witch hunts for there to be applications indicating whether someone is exposed to covid 19 or not. If medical evidence is unreliable, how will an application be reliable. I admit my ignorance! Good Friday, @rok-sivante

Yeah, it's legal. Certainly, it's stated there in the Terms & Conditions when accepting the update... though how many people actually READ them?

We are not safe again. These technology can ruin our lives

Since Google was also with them on this, i think is time to figure if there's something we can turn off in the next upgrade

I think someone had asked in the IG and Kennedy said there was, though no details given yet on how...

In Bulgaria the government made their own platform from tracking Covid but honestly I don’t want to use it. Maybe it’s a little bit more panicking

It was very informative.Thanks for sharing such kind of information

This tracing program is not intended to harm people. But to help with tracing COVID19 carriers. If we turn it off, why do we even want to use a phone in the first place? Our privacy is important. Still, turning it off will only just make the world not so much better with the coronavirus still at large.

Apple has allowed us to turn it off. That's a sign that they aren't doing this for their own benefit. Just please don't turn it off because you think your information is not safe. Do something for the world and contribute to fighting this pandemic.

Thank you.

If we turn it off, why do we even want to use a phone in the first place?

You seriously think people buy phones because they want to be traced with applications they never consented to...?

turning it off will only just make the world not so much better with the coronavirus still at large.

You're deluding yourself.

And who the fuck are you to tell me or anyone else what to do or not to do according to your ideas of what does or doesn’t contribute to the world, based on the propaganda you’ve been indoctrinated with?

Who are you to judge my contributions - which you have no idea what they are - as inferior to submitting in a technocratic “solution” to a manufactured crisis utilized for tyrannical power grabs?

Try going back and reviewing everything I’ve been contributing here for the past five months and then feel free to preach your regurgitated opinions once you've updated your knowledge base on the extent of manipulation you've allowed yourself to be subjected to shaping your perceptions of this whole plandemic/scamedic situation...

Actually, when you think about it, that might even be true. That people buy cell phones so they can navigate the world. And because this is not possible, the orientation without tracking, so the logic behind it, you think in such a strange way. When this weird Actifit hype started, I was wondering why everyone in the world now feeds the data into the mobile phone and then feels sporty when you have measured everything that can be measured. People have been voluntarily putting all their data, photos, faces, vitas etc. on the net for decades. - I also took part in the beginning, but have not done so for many years. The problem is that I don't even know anymore where I have registered and where I am still listed as a member. I lost my access data at some portals and I guess I'm floating around as a kind of corpse of data. Nevertheless I would have liked to delete these data. It is hard to leave youtube, I hadn't commented there for years, but now in the course of this crisis I did it more and more. Which I then regret in time again.

In principle you can only be radical and pull out of everything that concerns the wearing of mobile phones. But you can also limit your online time at home. The former is not difficult for me at all, but the latter is.

I have tried to follow directions for turning this off on my android, but I don't get very far. So, I just leave my dang phone home. It's really nice. Like the good old days.

Google has been tracking me for years already. They even pay me for it. I don't go anywhere that interesting so it isn't a huge deal. It is all part of their survey system to supposedly improve their map software. In fact, they even created the precursor to the Pokemon Go game called Ingress that was really just a way to track people's locations. Ingress was a pretty fun game at the time though.

You could also order a case called a faraday case from amazon for less than $10 which cuts of all signals when you put your phone inside of it :)

This wasn't a secret to anyone. Apple and Google announced this months ago, so everyone knew ahead of time that they would be doing this. As for legality, anyone who has an Apple or Android phone is using private property of a company and the company has the right to dictate the terms. If you don't like the terms, stop using the phones.

I could remember that the most competent computer scientists who are also professors use the most basic phones, even though they could easily afford the most expensive smartphones. They also use Linux, even though they could easily buy the most expensive devices running either Windows or Mac. They don't necessarily comment about it, but their lifestyle displays a lot about what they know (about privacy and security) but cannot explain in just a few sentences.

Bless you. May God have mercy on your soul. I'm not sure who hurt you, but maybe you can learn to forgive them. And then, forgive yourself.


Perhaps y'all best check yo self-righteous gaslighting ass and zoom da fuq out to get a glimpse of some bigger pictures and put in some effort to actually get where people are at before casting your projections...