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After watching that Netflix documentary " the social dilemma", I was so scared that I opened a new email account on 😇

It is unimaginable to what length the platforms go to use your data against you. The social engineering they are doing right now is so scary. A point made my an ex-google employee caught my attention. We are the last generation who know how things were before these persuasive social platforms. The future generation will never realize the world without these poking platforms.


The problem in email is that you have no control over all the people you send emails to, with many forwarding to gmail anyway. It is kind of like the phones listening, you can't be sure the people you talk with have their mics off.

The new generations now will be conditioned to be conditioned from birth. My daughter has no screen time other than some singing shows with no advertisements or marketable characters :D

It is really tough to not giving them screen time. We manage to not expose the lil kid to screens but some days it is really tough.

With the new email, I will at-least not surrender to the giant Gmail by giving every damn info about my life that ranges from google keep to calendar to contacts to emails. I am not sure what are the options available there for mobile phones.

It is hard. We went 3.5 years without a screen at all, but there were times when we both had meetings in the last 6 months (daughter was home with us for the first 3 months) of lockdown that we had to. We are very, very strict with what she is allowed to watch and it is limited to one show only and now that things are "normal", she only gets to watch for an hour or so on Saturday morning.

I have no idea how effective not using gmail is in practicality, but at least it is a sign to people that things can change if enough of us change.


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