"Hollow Worlds" Let's change the usual narrative and dare to twist the daily discussion in Hive at least once on something else.

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«-Without Ophiuchus-»

Without Ophiuchus

«-With Ophiuchus-»

Nov. 29 - Dec.17

With Ophiuchus

"The Initial Debate"

This otherworldly stuff above shows that these facts are not by chance, that it is not a coincidence and that there was an incredible knowledge of the universe far long ago. Since these early earthling inhabitants already knew of the existence of 13 constellations (the 13th is known as Ophiuchus) and that the outer point located at the tip of the archer's arrow (Sagittarius) is where the center of the galaxy is.

The Mayan, Aztec and Hindu calendars also knew of this calendar and its 26,000 year cycle. And being Dendera the zodiac from which all the others were born.

¿How could they know that the center of our galaxy was between the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio, and that in that area was the 13th constellation called Ophiuchus? The Dendera zodiac hides huge secrets, which are waiting to be revealed.

The Dendera Zodiac records the earliest known calendrical date; 4,241 B.C. On that account alone, this artifact is unique in the world, but it also exhibits several notable features not found in any other ancient relic.

It shows the general framework of all the Ages of the World. With special reference to the time in which we are living now and the two centuries to come. Studies based on the support of that framework support the correlation of the Hindu, Egyptian, Mayan calendars and the Aztec calendar in an intelligible way. So that cosmic timing can be factored into our immediate era also.

Albert Slosman, Ph.D. in Mathematics and Informatics and collaborator for NASA in the Pioneer space projects on Jupiter and Saturn, indicated that all the fundamentals of astronomy of ancient Egypt started from Dendera.

Sir Norman Lockyer, the famous astronomer who studied the monuments of Stonehenge, argued that Dendera is much older and that it had been built in alignment with Sirius.

Said all of the above as a prelude of this odd and uncommon post. Then, it is which brings us to the next point. The moon, your moon, our moon, everyone's moon.

«-Arcadians - Pelasgians - Proselenes-»

"The strange coincidence in the numbers 366, 1092 and 273"

Have you ever heard about the Tethys Ocean? The Neo-Tethys or The Paleo-Tethys Ocean before? ¿Yes? ¿Nope? Alright! let me give you a visual clue. ¡Click on it!


«-A brief timeline-»

My last three posts have been about economic issues. Economically motivated. ¡Check them out! And believe it or not, this one is also financially & economically motivated. Although probably it does not seems like it. ¿Doubts? ¡Read it again! };)

Moral of the story:

While it is evident that all those with power in the real world are doing everything possible to distract us and divert our attention from everything that is currently happening in the world and the new economic debacle and social reality that is approaching us like a waterspout. Recently declassifying documents and secret military material about UFOs, aliens and unknown outer space stuff to throw us off.

It is my opinion that their sly promotional and political strategy is falling on deaf ears and that they will not get the results they expect from the mass. Not any time soon. Because I suppose that most of us are already cured of fright & jitteriness. Since we have already heard of these road-tales many times before.

We have now blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies!

On other hand, this post is certainly also related to the Hive blockchain. The entire ecosystem, its culture, its economy, its communities and tribes. With all the users and humans that inhabit it. Everyone with their own particular dreams and longings. Some with great power, influence and wealth. Many others with much less of all that. However all proclaiming aiming for the same destination. ¡The Moon!

¿Could many of us here be pointing towards a hollow world?

I don't know. But observing the high atomization of users produced by the creation of new tribes. Each tribe with its own interests, veto power and elitist exclusivity over who can or cannot participate and be rewarded within them with equality and impartiality according to their own efforts, time and dedication and not precisely because of any particular ideology. I'm already seeing a new Neo-Tethys ocean opening. ¿An artificial Gondwana-Laurasia construct once again? ¡I hope not!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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Cranky Gandalf



16:00-16:23 into The Moon Is Not What You Think, is when I started thinking something along the lines of:

It is evident that all those with power in the real world are doing everything possible to distract us.

Thanks for the thought provoking article, I hope you've been well @por500bolos :)

Hey bro! Long time no see you. Nice to see you once again on these wild & extreme boundaries. Hahahaha

I hope everything has been well and is well with you man. Yeah! I have remained more or less constant in my intention to create "thought provoking" content in this place for almost five years in a row. Without pause and no mercy with my followers & readers. But never without also providing the cure and the antidote to come out unscathed once they have consumed my seriously humorous stuff and begin to feel their neurons squeaking. That precisely for that is why exist the Sense of Humor. Right? };)

No matter how weird, cryptic, outlandish, twisted, strident and gaudy this kind of sense of humor might sound as long as it makes them think, reflect and meditate. Still on the mission. I hope I don't get tired very soon. :)

As for your comment on the 16:00-16:23 segment of the video. Yeah, I suppose those in power are taking advantage of the fact that nobody else listened how the moon rang like a bell for about 14hrs in 1972.

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