Hey! actually you can transmit SARS-CoV-2 through the internet! ...with the right devices & interface.

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Yeah! Smell, Taste & Touch Via The Internet. Why not a good virus in fashion too? ¿Huh?

¡The Multi-Sensory Internet!

Oh yeah! we better pay more attention to what the hell we expose online and to the content of whom we READ, vote, curate and consume here on the Hive blockchain.

Not going to be that their messages come loaded with something undesirable for us.

Undesirable things such as... Uhm, erm... I dunno... Like things that actually make you think, for example. What could be more nasty than that. Right?

But in any case, my advice would be that before the advent of new communication technologies way much faster and more efficient that are about to emerge in just a couple of years. We better keep a 'closer eye' on those who we follow.

And without a doubt, we immediately stay away at all cost from all those who we already flatly and positively know that they are infected with a deadly disease.

Especially during these next 2020 US presidential elections. No matter if that "contact" may be thru TV, Phone, Social media, Online, E-mail or run mouth to mouth.


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RIP Bros. Yeah! you both now know this better than us.

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Pretty crazy how transmissible this virus is...

Yeah! apparently that's right my friend.

Are you willing to purchase one of these fancy PC gadgets and devices? I can sell you one pretty cheap if you want, you know? :D

Well it won't get you if you go to a riot but apparently it can get you at a church or barber shop.

It's airborne but it's not airborne a cloth mask is supposed to protect you even though it does nothing to filter the air...

Seems like the world just wants to go crazy

Well it won't get you if you go to a riot but apparently it can get you at a church or barber shop.

Well yeah! But I suspect everything is gonna depend of what kind of church and barber shop you go and how fancy will be the hairdo you ask for. :)