Tech exists for vaccines to spread themselves after injection

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In the middle of 2020, NewScientist wrote about existing technology that can develop vaccines that spread themselves, i.e. self-spreading or self-disseminating vaccines.

The initial development of these self spreading vaccines was to apply it to nonhuman animals with the goal of stopping the spread of viruses from nonhuman to human animals.

These “self-disseminating vaccines” can be developed in at least two ways. The conventional approach relies on applying a vaccine to the fur of captured animals and releasing them. When these animals return to their natural homes, social grooming results in the vaccine being ingested by other individuals, magnifying the level of immunity that can be achieved.

A more radical approach relies on inserting a small piece of the genome of the infectious disease agent into a benign virus that spreads naturally through the animal population. As this transmissible vaccine spreads from animal to animal, it immunises them against the target infectious disease, vastly increasing immunity within the animal population and reducing the risk of spillover to humans.

The technology for developing transmissible vaccines now exists

Efforts are now under way to develop prototypes for several important human pathogens, such as the Lassa and Ebola viruses.

So the idea is that once the new self spreading or self disseminating vaccine technology is injected into a host, it will propagate to other animals, both human and nonhuman. This eliminates the need for direct injections.

This raises a troubling issue of consent. No one can consent to being vaccinated against their will by a self spreading vaccine. It is very troubling, as you can't trust governments or big Pharma to be honest about what they're doing. There is a long history of governments experimenting on other populations, as well as their own citizens.

Big Pharma also has a long track record of causing harm through their products. The most recent is the heavily rushed, poorly tested and false safety claims of the experimental injections against covid. Now they want to create a vaccine based on new technology that has their questionable or harmful vaccine spreading to people who don't want it, or needed, and merely puts their life at risk for no good reason.

Violating consent is a major problem we've seen in human history. It's immoral. And there are laws that recognize this immorality. This includes the Nuremberg code and the UN's declaration of universal rights. You are the owner of yourself and are the only one who can decide whether you will undergo a medical procedure. These self spreading vaccines are violation of our right to self-determination, consent and choice.


Hear hear! I am 100% with you, and there are MAJOR things happening-- medically, culturally, financially, et cetera-- that we have not consented to (and wouldn't). But too few people are waking up to it... and I'm constantly shocked by their absolute refusal to look at evidence that contradicts the official narrative. We are in A LOT of trouble. It's going to be a devastating year.

Consent is tacitly given, and everything marches ahead as long as people aren't starving to object. Maybe that will change soon ...

Yes, people essentially imply their consent by not objecting... there's brilliance there tactically, but also a painful irony that paints such a pathetic picture of us. Sheep to the slaughter.

I hope you're right... I haven't covered much ground with the people in my life, and the narrative is being amplified (at least here in Canada). Vaccines are the only solution, and we're on to the kids now.

Violating consent is a major problem we've seen in human history. It's immoral.

The COVID-19 vaccines are not tested. I do not want to be vaccinated with any of those vaccines. It is a human experiment, and I do not want to be a part of a human experiment. If they still find a way to vaccinate me (including, but not limited to these "self-spreading" vaccines), then that is violating consent.

Tyranny is expanding, freedom is dying.