The Luckiest Creature in the World is a Woman Who Has the Same Sexual Standards as a Man

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As we all know men and women don't chase sex at the same rate, men are more of the chasers always looking to fuck and going through a lot just to get laid some times (You can read my post about Why Men and Women Don't Chase Sex at the Same Rate. Men are the ones who mostly pay prostitutes for sex. Men want to have as many women as possible and get laid as frequently as possible.

A woman would open a social media account on Tinder and other dating sites and receive so many requests from guys. She would open an account on Facebook and receive so many friend requests, guys would go to her inbox messaging her and ultimately want to meet and fuck. She'll receive unsolicited dick pics, dumb guys who feel entitled to her body, etc.

Now imagine if this woman loved sex and went for sex as much as men go for it. That is, having the same sexual standards as men. Imagine if she wanted to have as many men as possible, try different men, have sex as frequently as possible too.

Usually when a woman is like this they call her a sex addict or nymphomaniac, but they don't call men that, it is viewed as normal behaviour for men. But judging from how pleasurable sex is society needs to accept it as normal behaviour amongst women too, women should be free to explore and have fun too.

(The reason you might disagree with this or have a surge of emotion that does not accept this is because you grew up in a world where the people think women shouldn't live like this and not because this thing is wrong. Your conscious and subconscious have come to accept that the world should be like that. Think about it and for a change, try coming up with logical reasons for or against instead.)

So, imagine the woman was as open to sex as men are. Imagine how much fun she will have!!


I always use favourite foods like chicken to explain this to people. I say you know how freely and unashamedly men chase sex? That's because society does not attach stigma or shame to a man chasing but they do so for women. The only way a woman can imagine the freedom a man feels to chase sex is by recalling how free she feels to go after her favourite meal.

Now imagine she feels that free and open to sex. She'll open an account on a dating site and receive a lot of requests from guys who mainly want to fuck. She'll simply make her pick and fuck whoever she fancies. On her Facebook account while guys are coming to her inbox trying to meet up, she'll meet up with the ones she likes and have her pleasure. All the unsolicited dick pics she'll receive, she'll go through them and choose what kind of dicks she wants, meet up and fuck.

What in the world could be sweeter than this, guys???!!!!

Apart from all the sexual pleasure and varieties she'll have, the ease and fun of picking and the happiness of what you want throwing itself at you. Damn! To have a full grasp of this, imagine a man opens a dating site account and receive requests from so many women and he can make his pick and fuck as many as he wants. Imagine a guy receiving unsolicited nudes from women on his Facebook and women trying to fuck him all the time.

Imagine how happy he'll be. Remember also he's getting this without being rich or famous, just a regular guy. That's how it is for women tooo! That's how much pleasure it would be for the woman too if she has the same sexual standards as a man!!

Mind blowing stuff!! Isn't it?

Going Forward

I wrote it in that post about why sex is not being chased at the same rate but for a little repetition I'll have you know that the reason women don't chase sex at the same rate as men is not due to natural factors, it's not because women are born with hormones or features that make them less horny or anything but because of CULTURE.

The culture began due to patriarchy many centuries ago and took a strong hold on societies and now these cultures are dying but still in adequate remnants. More on this are on that post if you're interested.

I mentioned this to further let you know that since it's not a natural stuff it can be changed by simply educating women, therapy and hastening the death of patriarchy. Already, many women who are educated on this issue are more free and open to sex, women who grew up in societies with lesser patriarchy and societies where women are accorded more freedom are also more free and open to sex.

For example, a girl who grew up in Las Vegas or Hollywood would be more open to sex than a girl who grew up in the conservative societies of India. Or atleast a greater percentage of the girls who grew up in the former would be more free and open than the ones who grew up in the latter.

We all know now that the world is changing, patriarchy is dying and women freedom is increasing every day. With time more women would be like this (free) and would enjoy these benefits I've mentioned. Although with time these benefits would no longer be available because when women are more free and open to sex the supply of women would increase so the demand from men would reduce. This reduction would mean that the men bugging women for sex would reduce because men have begun to get it more easily now.

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I talked about it in my post about Why this is like that, you can check it out on the link above and then you can tell me your thoughts on it, please.

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