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RE: Medical Emergency in Covid - 19 time

in Deep Dives2 years ago

First of all it is good to know your Mom is stable now. I was wondering that you have not been around what possibly could be the reason.
The hospital thing is really a mess in these covid times, For My husband treatment in a span of 6 months we had to spend 30 Lakhs on hospitals and other medicines and all separate and the Mediclaim guys said that autoimmune is not covered in the reimbursement, but then we fought and took his case higher up as there was no such clause of autoimmune exclusion, and finally after 10 months they paid.
I guess people are too fed up now and many have already gone through it as a normal cold and flu or seen people around them so they have stopped bothering much and also people are thinking of their livelihoods, If they do not carry on with their work what will they eat. The Vaccines are surely a big time profit making business.
Please do take care of yourself and Mom. Wishing her speedy recovery