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We could go on and on about Trump’s nonsense while he was at the helm of the United States. But we must pay tribute to him for one thing: He has completely exposed the Big Tech cartel!

With the open censorship of a scandalous proportions, Big Tech clearly expressed their full power and ideological bias – they are in the ‘business’ of a global surveillance and mind control. And now a party openly demands reprogramming of ‘pollutioned minds’:


But is seems that reprogramming will be a tough job. They had to engage an ‘expert’ before everyone leave Twitter and chose something else…

Duration: 7:00

Well, Parler is murdered, and – even worse – the Big Tech Cartel is continuing to aggregate your data cancelling your privacy and collecting profit on your data so they could further perfect their algorithms for cancelling further your privacy and for more thorough surveillance.

Now, among the Murphy’s Laws there is a Katz’s Law which says: Men and nations will act rationally when all other possibilities have been exhausted. So, before mankind finally ’discover’ decentralized platforms, they are going to try exodus toward everything else before they hear of Hive. For example, they are going to try to use messenger apps as a social platform, because it is possible. Having in mind that WhatsApp is Facebook, they are going to try to find some other ‘frontline’ applications…

Duration: 8:54

Edward Snowden and Elon Musk are recommending Signal. Signal is open source, it is good, but… As I have heard, Signal’s signal over the Internet is being jammed by the Big Tech Cartel.

A good number of politicians chose Telegram. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened account at Telegram and got over 100,000 followers by the end of the day. He is currently at 742.7K… Turkish people are protesting against WhatsApp on – Twitter! They are trending hashtag #DeletingWhatsApp… Also, President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro is allegedly at Telegram, as Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov.

Telegram is a blockchain solution which should be harder to block.

But let’s see what the most popular Messenger Apps are taking of your data:

WhatsApp (Facebook)TelegramSignal
Contact InfoContact InfoContact Info
User Content------
Financial Info------
Usage Data------

Would like to know if anybody has data for Viber, which is very popular App owned by the Japanese Rakuten corporation.

You may search for some other alternative, but the most important thing is – to leave the Big Tech monster and their apps A.S.A.P. That is the only way to fight the ‘New Normal’ future.

Never forget Julian Assange was the first to expose global criminals

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Trump should have pardoned Assange

You are absolutely right, @phusionphil. Unfortunately, I expected that from him :(

He basically won with the info from the wikileaks scandal in 2016.

I've seen that people are calling for Telegram to be made unavailable from Play Store and whatever the Apple equivalent is called.

I've never liked WhatsApp anyway but only recently became aware of the fact that it is owned by FB. I'll be ditching that soon as well!

My question is how do Signal and Telegram make money? It's not like they do this out of the goodness of their hearts.

I would argue, @dumb-news, that there are people ready to do some great things without a direct money reward, hoping to make the World a better place. For example Satoshi Nakamoto or Linus Torvalds. Yes, they are rich now, but when they have started their projects, reward was not guaranteed at all.

Aside of that, Durov brothers still didn’t give up the idea of Telegram’s cryptocurrency called gram.

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