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RE: The Algorithm did it... The Code is Law.

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there was an off-duty officer, armed, serving as security at Pulse as well.

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Yeah. Did the shooter see him? Everything I read indicated he had gone to at least two other night clubs and moved on due to obvious security.

what did you read? i'd love more resources.

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Good luck with that. I read it probably two or three years ago at this point. Could I find it? MAYBE. Do I want to spend the time looking for it? Not really.

You don't have to take my word for it. I'd start searching and probably keep hunting around. It could have even been more than three years it all blurs together after awhile. So much has gone on since then.

This is not intended as smart ass. I just bet that would not be easy to find again. Who knows it might not be so bad though.

Actually it isn't as hard as I thought...

In my first search turned up some things... I didn't dig deep and it likely is not the only thing like this.

I used the following keywords without quotes "pulse night club multiple targets"



looks like that's a take from the prosecution against Noor Salman, a case that eventually fell apart. now, did Mateen case Disney Springs and not like that cops were there? probably. did he ultimately decide to go to Pulse? certainly. but i don't think that says exactly what you want it to say.

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Like I said... years ago. I'm not going to do the research. I wasn't even planning on doing that much but I did anyway. :)

You can trust what you trust. I'm not likely to change that.

I know gun control is bullshit and you'll likely not change my mind on that. :) (Not impossible, just highly unlikely) I could get behind mass gun education though. People that don't know how to handle them or be safe with them can be very dangerous even when they don't mean to be.

As to the details of the event you might. Yet ultimately it isn't important enough to devote time trying to find it again. It is also possible I am completely misremembering it. I make mistakes.