Genetically Modifying Humans to 'Fight' COVID-19, the Road to Transhumanism

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It seems like science fiction, but it's not. Scientists are working on genetically modifying human beings in order to stop COVID-19 or other alleged viruses from infecting cells and leading to an illness.


Reprogramming cells

I would say it's more like mad science. Sandia National Lab researchers are looking to create so-called "responsible programmability inside human cells." Yes, that's right, programming human cells. By the way, they are funded by DARPA. The same DARPA that's funding nanotechnology and cybernetic work to alter humanity to merge with technology at a funamental biological level. More on that later.

These researchers are looking to use CRISPR (short for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) to find "DNA and RNA sequences and manipulate genes or control gene expression to combat viruses and help human bodies withstand infection". Rather than see issues with that, biochemist Joe Schoeniger seems gleeful at the potential human canvas, saying "you can do all kinds of things with that."

They stated goal is "benevolent", to "create rapid countermeasures that could basically target a family of viruses instead of just one", says Schoeniger. Viruses can change, and they want to find a way to be able to "treat" other coronaviruses that emerge, rather than just one strain.

It's no biggy, according to another of the researchers, virologist Oscar Negrete:

"Basically you don't really have to cut DNA or make permanent rearrangements and mutations, you can use [CRISPR] as a toolbox to harness gene regulation methods—you could up and down regulate genes of interest. And so what we really want to do with CRISPR is reprogram the cells to block infection."

It's just reprogramming the cells, ya know, like a computer program. Just change some code. And if it doesn't work, like a computer program with bugs, well you can just make other "rearrangements" and change the code back... right... Anyone want to be a guinea pig for this? CRISPR-based "therapies" can potentially lead to other health issues, like cancer. Who knows what else.

Maybe the Gates Foundation can set up a nice charity or some other bullshit to reward people for being heroes to help push forward the "vaccine revolution."


Genetically modify humans via vaccine

They also mention mRNA vaccines, or nucleic vaccines, which is the new type of vaccine being worked on now by so many big pharma companies:

"Instead of making components of the virus, purifying them, then injecting them into humans, you're sending in the code—messenger RNA—into the cells and you make your own body produce the antigens of the virus to stimulate the immune response."

"So can we incorporate that CRISPR delivery, those methods, to inhibit virus infection with nucleic acid delivery technology, [and] we make ourselves reprogram them to defend against viruses, so that speeds up the process."

In reference to some tests with mice livers and Ebola, they say:

"So we could basically use CRISPR technology, knock out a host protein that's important for infection in the liver of mice … and then it basically protects the mice."

Just knock out a protein here and there. No problem. We don't need to respect the natural evolutionary construct of biology. We can't pave our own path. And that's what is being sought after powerful people and groups, such as DARPA.


DARPA and transhumanism

Another DARPA funded project is a Harvard, called the Lieber Research Group.

The Lieber group is focused broadly on science and technology at the nanoscale, harnessing the unique physical properties of novel nanomaterials to push scientific boundaries in biology and medicine.

Yes, they want to push the boundaries of what it means to be humans. Transhumanism. Using technology to alter human biology with nanomaterials. The includes cybernetic incorporation into the body with nanoelectric devices, such as for "real-time disease detection". See for yourselves:

The Lieber group has played a leading role in defining the fundamental science, engineering and novel technologies at the interface between nanoelectronics and the life sciences, from development of sensors for real-time disease detection, to creating nanoelectronic tools for single cell and subcellular electrophysiology, and the development of novel cyborg cells and hybrid nanoelectronics-innervated tissues. Areas of current research interest include the following:

Biosensing. We are focused on studies pushing the limits of ultrasensitive nanoelectronic sensors. Current interests include developing our new approach for implementing nanotransistors for high-sensitivity detection in physiological solutions, applying this work to carry out measurements previously not possible for in-vitro and in-vivo extracellular and intracellular sensing, and developing new diagnostic devices for healthcare.

Nanoelectronic probes & cyborg cells. We are pursuing a broad range of studies focused on development of novel nanoelectronic devices for electrical recording and stimulation from cells and tissue in two and three dimensions. A general theme in this work is to exploit unique properties and size-scaling of active nanoelectronic devices for high spatial/temporal resolution studies of individual cells and subcellular structures. In addition, we have active efforts focused on (i) exploring the creation of cyborg cells and (ii) biochemical targeting of nanoelectronic devices to form well-defined cell/device junctions.

Cyborg tissue. We are pursuing the development of novel biomaterials that seamlessly integrate arrays of nanoelectronic devices with synthetic tissues. This highly interdisciplinary work involves implementation of our new paradigm for 3D nanodevice arrays interconnected as tissue scaffolds, together with 3D cell culture and measurement techniques with applications, including advanced tissue-on-chip diagnostics and powerful new actively monitored/controlled tissue implants.


New humans

Nothing to worry about though. We can trust DARPA with their goals for gene editing, super solider, and killer robots. That are making humanity safer and better, more than human. After a few generations of this technology, those who can afford it will become a "new human" of genetically "perfected" beings.

What will happen to the rest of us "inferiors"? Sounds like slavery is going to be more visible in the future. The new class warfare will be based on genetics with the elite transhumanist "new humans" ruling over the rest of us.


Very important information about the direction where this 'crisis' is heading.
I was just listening to an interview with Whitney Webb on these Ivy league labs (MIT, Harvard) involved in the development of cyborg tissue, transhumanism, vaccines and a range of other topics. She also pointed out that while the Lieber Group takes most of the heat, another scientist,Bob Langer is heavily involved in many of these projects and stands to benefit from the development of these so-called solutions. Anyways, lots of tie-ins to Gates, Epstein and the broader agenda.

Thanks for covering this in so much depth, once again!
Cheers, V

Yeah I caught parts of the live broadcast, will have to actually listen to it ;) Quite odd that Bill Gates took cues from Epstein to give money to MIT. Didn't Gates say he only knew Epstein in passing for a business discussion aboard his plane? Lies... why listen to this convicted sexual offender for giving money to MIT...

Excellent piece my friend. I've re-blogged this.

Personally, I think the ultimate goal of DNA modification through CRISPR, mRNA vaccines, and so on is to modify our genes so as to STERILIZE us. This is their ultimate aim. Population Control.

The other aims, of course, is to modify our DNA to keep it "faulty" so that we are more prone to disease and hence would need to take Big Pharma's toxic drugs and "cures".

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Thanks. I agree. Point one surely, as Gates has been doing in Africa. Don't doubt efforts to do point 2 either ;)

A lot of strange things happening lately. Covid-19 exposing so many ills in the society and the world at large

Indeed. They are rolling so much out that was behind the scenes.