Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

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Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain


You could do it in one of those fancy peakd collation posts?

Nice! I'm excited to read your work. Or at least parts of it.

But I really think one post should not be longer than about a 1000 words. Anything (substantially) longer would lose your reader - even me, though I consider myself disciplined with a good attention span. But I remember breaking off an interesting read for whatever reason before, thinking that I'd come back to it. I never did. Shame on me? Maybe. Though I believe, keeping several short segments would have prevented it.

What's more, if you publish a segment a day - or better yet: a segment a week, your readers are going to be waiting for them, making sure to really read them when published. It may seem like a cheap attention gimmick, but I think it works. Also, this way comments will be focused on that one aspect your post is dealing with, making interaction between your readers more likely. Wait... You said the entire thing is 2150 words? That's not even that long! (Still, too long for one post.) I'm sure you could expand each of your 12 sub-topics into a 500 word post. That would be great because:

  • Each post would be brief, straight to the point, and not overwhelming.
  • Still, it would include the analysis of several sources, as well as well elaborated opinions.
  • Each post would generate a proper impact on one, and only one aspect, but very thoroughly, examined from all sides.
  • Readers could discuss the specific sub-topic without being distracted by the rest.
  • If the first post(s) generate sufficient interest (I don't see how they wouldn't), you'd accumulate a growing following of eager fans, anticipating your next post. If done well, there would be more and more of them each time.
  • More posts means more rewards for you, all of which will be well deserved!
  • Some readers will be more interested in certain sub-topics than others.

I believe the Covid is a hot topic many people would love to read more about. Particularly, if you provide links to sources, but also give summaries, as well as your own opinion. I certainly think it would be super interesting. Though putting 2000+ words into one post seems like a waste of a good topic. Especially since you've worked so much on it, I would really stretch it out to the fullest. Since each sub-topic is highly interesting on its own, I don't think you'd be milking the system, by any means.

The difficulty in outing gov crimes is the sheer amount of volume to cover. A person literally can not keep up with the continuing flood of lies.
You can't cover everything and just trying to decide where/when to start, how far back to go is not easy.

Mers and Sars jumped from animal to human (supposedly) but did not learn to spread from human to human. Just heard the former head of the CDC say that.
Enter gain of function research, a joint effort of china and the usa. imho Everything is run by the nwo and things are the way they are because that's the way they want it.

Back to the question... I was thinking that a chronological list of how all the misinformation (lies) came down the pike and what their purpose was, what was the end goal if not the truth.

... some way to show how it all unfolded...

Had a great conversation at the barber shop today, left him some brochures too.

end goal may be transhumanism. Altering us to be more compliant, more "useful"

Look forward to reading and sharing the masterpiece!

Perhaps just break it down into 2 posts:)