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RE: The Algorithm did it... The Code is Law.

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My version of "Code is Law" has always been "Software doesn't Lie."



People who code the software sometimes do, and they also can write code with flaws.

So while it doesn't lie that doesn't mean it is not flawed or incorrect. It does what is was programmed to do. If it is complex it can also do things the programmer didn't plan for it to do.

I refer to discrepancies between code and documentation -- the code doesn't lie. It does what it is supposed to do, and yes, you can have both sloppy programmers and ill intent.

you can have both sloppy programmers and ill intent.

You can also have very complex systems with a lot of input which a person not being a God could not anticipate.

As projects become more complicated the odds of unforeseen uses and such occur.

That is neither ill intent or sloppy programmers.

You just adapt and adjust your code accordingly.


Interestingly enough you can make the code lie if that is your goal.

You see for something to be a lie the person has to knowingly state something false.

We could certainly write code that lies.

What the code does not do though is work outside of its programming. I suspect that is what you were meaning. I just thought it was interesting that we could actually write code to lie if that was our intention.

That is also true.