What Can We Learn from the WEF's "Global Risks" Document?

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On January 11th 2022 everyone’s favourite “goodwill foundation” The World Economic Forum launched their “Global Risks Report” which seeks to outline what they see as the pressing issues, or the potentially most damaging impact areas that faces the World. This is a report that they appear to publish yearly, with the 2023 one also now available. I’ll link these reports in the sources at the bottom.


I found an old screenshot of their “Short-Term Global Risks” in one of my many folders on the desktop and it prompted to have a look at the report itself, with the starting position that, as I have attempted to showcase in many historical videos, that this is an organisation which seeks to “Shape the World” and has an open set of agendas rather than being this exterior entity merely looking in through a telescope. So when an organisation such as this, which openly admits to “penetrating governments” produces documents outlining the World’s risk factors one may be justified in thinking that it may actually provide more like a blueprint for exactly what we should expect to see, and that the resulting crises serve to further perpetuate the goals of the forum and the broader “global government” ethos . The age old problem, reaction, solution thesis.


Firstly, the WEF's own survey revealed that just 3.6% have an optimistic outlook for the World. Which, considering the WEF was established in 1971 with the motto "committed to improving the state of the world", one could only conclude that the organisation has been an abject failure, right?

Let’s have a look at their Short/Medium & Long-Term Global Risks:

photo_2022-01-21 09.29.51.jpeg



..and what do the WEF consider the “Top 10 Global Risks”:


Interesting isn’t it to note that things like the plummeting birth rate, the influx of transhumanism, artificial intelligence or the fact that half the World’s population participated in a medical experiment doesn’t play any role in their global risk chart. Maybe that’s because they simply don’t consider the reduction in humans a problem/risk, or that propping up people who are obsessed with merging man with machine as potentially troubling, or that artificial intelligence is approaching regulation and no one seems to know how it operates.

Nope, the biggest global risk is apparently “climate action failure”.
Is it just me, or is this transition from “covid crisis” to “climate crisis” (that most of us predicted) in full swing…

Only yesterday the WHO and the Rockefeller Foundation announced a “Partnership To Expand Global Pandemic Preparedness in Era of Climate Change”, in which they propose that the Rockefeller’s will be funding the “broadening of surveillance for diseases worsened by rising temperatures and extreme weather.” I kid you not.
Press release here: https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/news/the-rockefeller-foundation-and-world-health-organization-announce-partnership-to-expand-global-pandemic-preparedness-in-era-of-climate-change
(I’m currently plotting a video on this document, and expanding on the Rockefeller’s influence on the climate agenda).

This was, and is, a big signal of what’s to come:

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 22.52.00.jpg

One of my recent video’s “What's Going On? (Climate Edition) 👀” is a good one to drop here as it ties in pretty nicely with this topic:


When I get the time I’ll be going over this: https://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Global_Risks_Report_2023.pdf which is their latest Global Risk Report from 2023.

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I note that democide is not on the list. However, it has been one of the leading causes of death throughout history, and seems not less pressing an issue today. Between USSR's Purge of the Kulaks and China's Great Leap Forward, over 100m people are estimated to have died. Given the military engagement in the Ukraine today, that apparently includes 'advisors' from NATO countries, including the USA, I find that a startling omission.

In that vein, I also find the following report alarming.


Then there's censorship. Censorship kills people. If people are banned from shouting fire in a crowded theater, then people in crowded theaters that are set afire can only be alerted to their danger by criminals. I am confident that nobody wants to be dependent on criminals for safety signals. For that reason it is intolerable that the US government, through it's Dept. of Justice and the FBI, OGA (other government agencies, a euphemism for the CIA), and a wide variety of government agencies, transnational agencies, foreign governments, and NGOs (non-governmental agencies) are shown to be telling social media companies such as Twatter, Fakebook, and Goolag, to ban accounts, delete posts, and otherwise censor folks.

To my knowledge only Congress can make US law, and absent authorization to act availed the USG through such law, the USG has no authority to act. Therefore acting to censor Americans is an act of treason, directly contrary to such authority granted USG through acts of Congress, which Congress cannot authorize since the First Amendment to the Constitution directly states it has no such authority.

I sure didn't grant anyone the authority that remains vested in me to censor me. Did you? I bet no one else did either. There are specific laws against treason and commending prosecution of traitors by USG agencies, particularly the DOJ. However the DOJ is the USG agency guilty of treason. Given that situation, that the cops are the criminals, I reckon we are going to have to act to enforce the laws against treason ourselves. We're going to need some rope, since the penalty for treason is hanging. I have some good hemp handy. Just let me know when we're ready, and I'll come running.

All told, I reckon we're going to have to insist that the WEF, the WHO, the UN, and any other wannabe overlords are just going to have to stop causing existential harm to Americans, and as many other civilians in other countries as are willing to preserve their lives from hazards presented by these wannabe overlords. I'm quite adamant that I do wish to live, and do not want to be killed by these institutions, or any others that might be awaiting their chance to kill or enslave us all. On this matter I necessarily speak for my children, and am confident I speak for all my friends, neighbors, and countrymen, and for all people on Earth.

That being said, we do all assert that none of these groups speak for us, have been granted any authority over us by us, and that we ourselves retain our authority to speak for ourselves in matters involving our health, our freedom, our economic pursuits, all other pursuits, even of mere happiness, and certainly our authority to speak as we will, use our water as we will, and frankly, whatever we damn well want.

The WEF and etc., can go straight to hell and demand whatever they want there.