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I'll need to investigate your stats, but the argument presented is plausible.


Sources all there available to public, anyone can - and perhaps should - do the math themselves

I just wish people were as skeptical toward the CDC as they are toward VAERS. The Great Barrington Declaration must always be remembered as the untried liberty alternative to what we all are experiencing instead.

It is not. 10x as likely to die? That would push the deaths to the brackets of hundreds of millions. Are we having hundreds of millions dead? No. The goal of freestyle statistics is exactly to confuse you.

I have known many people who contracted COVID and survived with no ill effects in the long term. I am statistically as close to zero risk of death as one can be since I am relatively healthy and well under 50.

Big Pharma and the federal government have earned nothing but my distrust over the past 2 decades. We know both have performed secret medical experiments in the past, and even if their intentions are completely pure here, the fact remains that they don't bear any risk should we suffer unexpected consequences.

It may not be likely to kill you, but dying is not the only risk of covid, there are higher risks of long term debilitation as a result of catching covid. The risks for young people in good health are not exceptionally high, but they are a real risk. And there is still not great data on how risky the latest variants are, but they do appear to be higher than for original covid.

Right. There are risks from the virus other than death, However, even those other risks are extremely low, and known.

What is not known: vaccine risk. This is a new vaccine technology, and the promotion method uses every tactic in the propaganda playbook. The people in power who are pushing it have spent their careers earning my distrust and skepticism. I an open to being shown that my suspicions are misplaced, but we need open source science instead of cults of personality and partisan bullshit.

I think you have every right to distrust politicians. But I disagree that the push for vaccination is coming from politicians. Several of my friends are doctors (smarter than average ones, I will add), and they are all very pro-vaccine when it comes to covid.

And they were not just propagandized into that position. For example, I talked to one when news of the virus in China was first being reported, before it migrated to other countries. She accurately predicted a lot of details about how the virus would affect us, sweeping through the nursing homes, wiping out the elderly. She went into details about how the vaccines would be developed based on current vaccine science and told me that the situation would probably continue until an effective vaccine was created and enough was distributed around the world.