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RE: My Reaction To Elon Musks Video on Neurolink and Space X

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Elon has been trying to slow down the progression of AI and quantum computing so that we can discuss its implications

Yes he seems to be quite cautious about who gets hold of the technology. I've heard him in interviews saying that the problem isn't the Ai, only if it falls into the wr hands.

Space X seems like a very ambitious idea and all I can think of when I hear about it is a book I read, Chronicles From the Future. It claims to be a true account of a man from the 20th century who claimed he possessed he body of a person from the Future via astral projection.
The book details world events and the expedition to Mars was in there, according to the book though it failed terribly.

I agree though, ultimately treating others with love and kindness is the most important value we as humans can hold.

Lovely post dear Alex xx