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Interesting, but better focus your life on SOLUTIONS not problems.

Do you eat only healthy food?
100% organic?
Do you even know what healthy is?
Do you work out 2h+ every day?

Or do you support the degenerative mainstream lifestyle


every day, that'd typically be excess for my body type, but get enough of the types for what works well for it.


I can't answer your first question, what is "healthy food"?
when it's 100 % organic, I must tell you, that probably nobody eats 100 % organic food, even if they think they do. You must be a farmer and a miller, for example, producing your own soil (growing plants) and wheat in oder to be certain that what you eat is 100 % organic.

What is "work out"? Is it doing sports? Is it that you excersize bodily efforts like carrying stuff, bending, stretching in your household, using muscles to cook, bake and take care of yourself and others. Ride your bike to work or walk by foot.

The thing is that people get more sick the older they become. You can eat all kinds of crap and industrial food in young age and it has not a very high impact on you (in terms of death), other than you might gain weight. It becomes more of an obstacle the older you become, that's true. Then weight also is a problem.

It may very well be that people of the past lived longer than we do in modern days. Maybe 80 on average is already a reduced life expectancy compared to time when food and diet were more organic.

I don't know and so no one really does.

I cannot help but to support the "degenerative mainstream lifestyle". I have no farm, no land, no food on my own. I depend on extern supplies. To eat nearly what you suggest, I would have to spend more money on food, which is impossible as we are forced to spend the major amount of income in rent. The "organic"-label on food is nice and may lower a bad consciousness but I think that's often only a promise but not reality.

Having said this, I think, for me it's easier to accept that I live in a world, where food is no longer organic, that I may become sick and die sooner than later. That's the world we inherited. Though I need not force it. Whenever I can get hold on self produced lokal food, I enjoy and welcome it. But I live in a big city and do not fool myself that what I buy in the shops cannot guarantee 100 % organic.