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Please stop supporting the problem.

Support the solution

Eat healthy every day
Work out every day
Love yourself
Stop financing the suppression being minimalistic

Its simple

as fuck, but you are all too poisoned from propaganda and do what they want you to do.

Wasting time...


It’s rather arrogant projecting your assumptions about how exactly I’m living my life, telling me to do what I’ve already been doing, you know?

Ok you lost connection to reality.

Then please poison yourself faster so we get rid of you. If you wouldn’t be sick you wouldnt be so negative.

Superficialities mostly look arrogant from underneath. It’s not my fault that you are lazy and I am not. Better show respect instead of blaming me for your weaknesses ❣️👋🏾

Wow. A high IQ really doesn’t always translate directly to intelligence. 😹

Though for the sake of entertainment, please go ahead and proceed gaslighting - errr, I mean “educating” - me on:

  • exactly how I’m poisoning myself (after already answering your questions yesterday on how I take proper care of my health - which you either forgot or dismissed because they didn’t live up to the standards of an inflated ego bent on proving itself and looking down upon anyone who exercises anything less than two hours every single day or eats mostly in organic like your all-infallible self at 100%)

  • how exactly I’m “sick” (based on whatever magical psychic assessment you’re using without having any details whatsoever)

  • exactly how I’m “lazy” (when you have zero clue of how I actually invest 99.99% of my time & energy and what my results actually are - which are of nobody on the internet’s business)

Please do humour me with your “genius” insight into a life you know perhaps 0.001% about (as you hypocritically puff away on your morning cigarette).

Looking forward to either having my mind surprisingly blown or just more laughs...



And on a side note...

I appreciate the circle back and the real-life demonstration of this lesson in having failed it today - a wonderfully-inadvertent reflection of having slipped by even bothering to reply in the first place, and great reminder for next time the tests come. 🙏