Super light highly mobile vehicles and combined arms assault destroys Russia

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Well first off Russia decided to strip the northern front of a big huge pile of soldiers and put 25,000 men into a extremely precarious and now completely encircled area.

With super light highly mobile vehicles punching through the extremely porous Russian front line we watch them blow through and identify further targets for precision strikes making the entire Russian front line fall back.

You're looking at not only highly mobile vehicles as well as infantry as well as artillery protection and coverage precision missile strikes as well as armored vehicles drones and air assets as a perfect combined arms element.

And then on top of it Russia resupplying a massive amount of armored vehicles with the capturing of a massive amount of military equipment as only strengthened the Ukrainian forces in that area.

I basically what that means is now there are armored vehicles for all sorts of extra infantry elements to increase their defensive capability and enhance offensive armaments and capabilities.

And each one of these tanks is millions of dollars of extremely valuable military equipment.

Then you also got massive scores like the t90 tank that has been captured completely intact with full gas tank as well as a full load of tank shells.

That absolutely is extremely valuable to Western Nations and I can see not only are they get such amazing equipment like that but also electronic warfare platforms as well as command and control platforms are getting repossessed by Ukrainian forces. Which that definitely shows a huge amount of capability transference from Russia into Ukrainian hands.

And there is absolutely a risk of advancing past your resupply and logistics bases however with very careful staged advances we are seeing Russian and Ukrainian forces engaging in this incredibly deadly dance.

And a shipment of Iranian drones has been busted being used by Russian forces in a pitiful attempt to protect their troops however Ukrainian forces are extremely capable of dealing with these threats. And was able to take down a big huge pile of these already which is again operationally stripping Russian forces from any chance at being able to conduct further operations.

The Ukrainian ex comedian and now president as well as symbol of Ukrainian strength has said this is a connection of evil between Iran and Russia.

A collaboration of evil between Russia and Iran. Iran who really does not fear any of the massive amount of sanctions imposed against it for decades as well as a constant.

And this is immediately having diplomatic retaliation with Iran getting stripped of embassy staff and personnel and most likely getting kicked out of Ukraine forever. Which I ran really isn't a big player in the world unless you're talking about being a sponsor of terror.

And it sounds like seven of these drones have been captured making that actually a huge amount of losses for the Russian drone teams.

And now with the genie coming out of the bottle unmanned warfare is going to become quite a bit of an issue from now on.

And quite a bit of this massive Ukrainian counteroffensive has been accredited to not only the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles but also the integration with artillery and other precision munitions and weapon systems. That has absolutely changed the entire course of this conflict.

And the Turkish drone company is now saying that there is a 3-year waiting list to purchase any of their weaponized drones which is proving a solid investment in this military technology.

Now we are going to start seeing the battle of the drones going down.

And as this technology continues to evolve you're just going to continue seeing even more drones on the battlefield as well as now weaponized unmanned military vehicles starting to proliferate the battle space.

And absolutely being showcased is Ukrainian technological warfighting advancements with antipersonnel and anti-vehicle and anti-material drone attacks.

And as well you're also seeing forward operating and battle damage assessment drones proliferating battle space walking precision guided munitions onto targets as well as providing video documentation of removal of enemy forces and equipment. Having this kind of visual platform and being able to Port that live video feed back to headquarters to directly show in real time Ukrainian leadership the direct results of the day's operations.

And then on top of it Russians left not only a t80 but also a t72 tank for Ukrainian special Forces kraken unit. Which I'm sure those Ukrainian soldiers were extremely happy for the additional combat equipment and combat capabilities.

And one of the biggest winners is the high mobility precision rocket launcher systems that Western forces have handed over to Ukrainian military forces and we are watching the absolute destruction of any command and control as well as any supply and logistical bases.

And you're watching a massive amount of tactical as well as strategic successes and further logistical supply routes being accessed by a bunch of these amazing Ukrainian offensives.

If you are wondering what Russian defense and reconsolidations are it seems like none have been reported at all.

And on the southern front we have an information blackout however absolutely massive gains have been reported.

And again the last of it azov battalion is finally getting released back to ukrainian territory.

And for some reason Russia thinks that any Ukrainian attack on territories Russian forces are currently occupying illegally will be considered as an attack on Russian sovereign territory. As well as an additional nuclear threat as if the continued saber rattling has any respect or Credence however it seems like there isn't very much thought to global response to this continued drama and threats by Vladimir Putin and the Russian leadership against the entire world not just an illegal invasion of a neighboring country.

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