Airaid siren interrupts podcast about Ukrainian gains.

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Well one of the most vital cities in this campaign has been accessed and the fighting for this area is ongoing however this now absolutely will fertilize the Ukrainian Fields with a massive amount of Russian blood.

Huge issues strategically with the loss of this vitally important location because of the multiple rail lines that converge into this population center. That is extremely needed and highly valuable in this conflict as Russian dependency on rail lines to move heavy equipment has massive logistical simplifications over having to rely on semi trucks and massively cargo transporting semis.

More that you look at this entire conflict the more that you see some pretty crazy news however I have to say that luckily Russia has not declared nuclear war just yet.

And that is a really big thing that is stressing a lot of people out. Discontinued nuclear warfare threat just seems to expose the situations that the Russian federation seems to wish to embrace.

And Russia is starting to demand peace talks however Ukrainian demands for this conflict to end clearly State Russian forces need to abandon all Ukrainian territorial gains including Crimea. And the financial bill for Russia to now pay for the damage cause is going to be a humbling reminder for the next 20 to 30 years. The world's largest country now has placed itself into debt so badly the Russian grandchildren will suffer the consequences.

Let alone the price for Russian mail order brides has fallen to new Lows with massive amount of Russian war widows.

Mapping has shown us that some of the Ukrainian territorial gains have not been as deep as previously reported however the vital footholds across the natural barrier of that river system have been solidified and resupply logistical units are starting to fill the gap. Resupplying the front line is incredibly important.

And here is some leaked footage of the massive amount of destroyed as well as abandoned equipment showing exactly how desperate Russian soldiers were to escape with their lives to abandon this massive amount of armored vehicles.

And this basically makes Rush of the largest supplier of tanks and armored vehicles to Ukrainian forces in this conflict. And a pretty large percentage of Russian forces have actually been targeted and destroyed with their own weapons and weapon systems being used against them.

Now these tanks that are being captured are extremely expensive and a massive loss to the Russian military industrial complex. And this technology actually cannot be replaced so each abandoned tank is actually a huge deal as this vital equipment is being deprived of any uses by the Russians and is now going to be used to God's death and destruction amongst the Russian military ranks.

And rear area equipment depots being captured by Russian soldiers abandoning and fleeing on foot and leaving them for Ukrainian forces is actually one of the greatest recoveries of this conflict because now you are not only capturing equipment but maintenance and spare parts to keep these extremely expensive war machines in operation.

Which actually is an amazing War capture by the Ukrainian forces. And these dozens of vehicles parked out in this Depot is signifying a phenomenal amount of funding as well as technology. Making this absolutely heartbreaking for the Russian military forces and units were relying on this equipment.

And additional drone videos of application of three-dimensional warfare and grenade drops from these drones shows the vulnerability of all of the Russian positions there is absolutely no overhead cover or camouflage there is no concealment. Basically leaving all this extremely valuable equipment out in the open vulnerable to attack.

And as we have all found out very realistically that Russian tanks are not equipped with reactive armor this now turns into a huge situation with further losses being incurred by the armored divisions.

And I'll be honest that looked like a pretty large mortar shell that was dropped on this tank which means that with the extremely thin overhead armor along with the extremely explosive and highly potent blast that there is a high chance that this vehicle is going to be disabled. And absolutely this definitely shows us how far is that Russian forces have gotten their lines penetrated by the Ukrainian special operations personnel as well as Frontline military operations.

More war crimes in additional Russian occupied territories are being uncovered and documented so this is just going to add to a huge list of issues and situations that Russian forces and Russian politicians are going to end up being held liable over.

And there is some huge discrepancies as quite a few more bodies are found in marked Graves. 25 plus bodies were found in one pit claiming that only 17 individuals were buried.

And finding out what has happened to these individuals is going to be quite a new situation.

And so far about 400 individuals have been found and a lot of the investigators are saying that this looks like the number will grow and continue to grow as they find even more graves.

The far majority of these graves are completely unmarked.

And with the continued drone footage being saved and compared against previous flights even more evidence is coming out of these different war crimes and the timelines of the occupation and how everything has happened because quite a few of these murders have actually been caught on video.

Having Mass Graves being uncovered in another Russian theater of operations is extremely troubling and again is proving that there is going to be further complications during the peace negotiations.

And of course the Polish military having to upgrade and technologically advanced over the threat of Ukrainian take over by the Russian federation and then an assault upon the nation of Poland has gotten a lot of support. And absolutely with this war proven how capable and important high technology is, it is only reasonable to assume that other developing NATO countries are going to upgrade their technology.

Polish army is taking some pretty substantial sweeping measures to modernize their military force.

The shift from Russian military aircraft bipoland is going to be a massive defense expenditure blow to the Russian military industrial complex.


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Even the Russian side is starting to talk about how they are willing to negotiate for peace.

However that means complete withdrawal from all Ukrainian territory.

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After losing how many fronts? The only real terror that the Russian federation holds is the monkey with a hand grenade.

However the rest of the world has gotten tired of the useless idle threats of nuclear Holocaust. And with Putin being forced to abdicate his throne, we might see the end of the Russian federation and possibly hey Russian civil War.

So if you were so much of a warrior why are you not enlisting in the Russian military?

What is your military rank and what news from the front line can you bring?

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Personally princesses like you are absolutely floored that the great and imperial mother Russia has been defeated and humiliated again and again and again and again.

50,000 dead. The entire world uniting and sending arms and equipment.

The fact that Russia has lost 50% of its combat effectiveness basically destroying its entire ability to be a superpower.

It looks like for the next 20 years Russia is going to be a third world country.

And what kind of superpower is forced to conduct a special military operation using equipment from last century?

As well as tactics that are woefully behind the times.

Well one thing I really have to tell you is at least Russian mail order brides are going to be extremely affordable in the future with the massive amount of War widows available.

And if you got a cute little 18-year-old sister please let me know I could totally use a wife. However she has to be dog friendly because of my house wolf.

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Dozens of tanks and armored vehicles? As well as a repair Depot. Plus all the ammunition depots.

And I'm really glad you brought up the destruction of that civilian Target. Which happens to be something you're bragging about. Do you always brag about the commission of war crimes?

Anyway you never want to be respectful and so really it is completely useless trying to communicate with you.

Best of luck.

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