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RE: My Reaction To Elon Musks Video on Neurolink and Space X

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My goodness, these rich single guys who now set out to save the world are completely deranged and blinded by the fact that everyone is throwing themselves at their feet like little children hoping for miraculous "healing" and "salvation".
The man has a huge PR staff that polishes his image for him, keeps his clean slate clean. When individuals have so much money that it comes out their ears and peddle their infantile ideas, everyone kneels down before their much money and then pretends to admire this honesty. My goodness, man, how can you believe such a thing?

Who gives an individual the right to set up a satellite network in the Earth's atmosphere? Have we earthlings been asked if we want this too? Especially those who are not "connected to the wondrous technology of the industrialised states", the poor poor people from Africa that you always like to take, those terribly backward people that you haven't "developed" yet. And so on. What else do you think such megalomaniacs do because they are so cheered on by the common people that they must think they are above everything, the people as well as the law.

You might think that it's all very well for several individual lunatics to disagree and fight each other, but at the end of the day we let ourselves be lulled by their PR machines, and in the process we have watched the same films as they have and are making the same mistakes, namely thinking that the earth is a shithole that needs to be cleaned up by man. I, for one, do not think that. The earth is quite wonderful and the people in it could be too, if only they could calm down again for once and not run after the messiah who promises full-bodied things and has not really gone through a maturing process himself.


thanks for your comment
it seems to me you are speaking very generally about the richest people in the world.. None of what you say applies to elon.. i suggest you look into it some more!

note that elon has NO marketing budget whatsoever
note that elon takes NO money from his company and owns no home
note that ALL of elons projects are for the improvement of our world and to make all things accessable to all people
note that elons design are all open source for others to use and improve
note that permission to launch satellites are given by the FAA, not the general public
note that elon is one of the only billionaries that speaks freely about what he thinks and is not tied to any narrative
note that elon has done more for the environment than ANY government so far

please be careful judging others until you learn all the facts.. it takes some time and effort which is why i wrote this post..

Please aim these remarks at people like Mark Zuckerberg, bill gates, and their friends.

... for the improvement of our world and to make all things accessable to all people

I myself have not asked (!) for someone, a single man, who is neither voted nor otherwise democratically or through a community elected member of MY society or locality, where I live.

You speak like someone who has joined a guru. The fact that you call Mr. Musk by his first name, like a kind of mantra, praising all the glorious things he has done and wants to do, I see only a very strange identification with someone who has enough money that the media are happy to report what he says and make their coverage with it. That's always the case with famous people.

For example, I cry when I see a film if it is a story that touches and moves me. Megalomaniacs like to come across as very charismatic people, they often say things that speak to you deeply. However, you fail to realise that you cannot rule out that there is the probability of megalomania, people who have too much money can't handle it in the long run and build an image for themselves as saviours, visionaries and heroes if they are vain and insecure at the same time. I don't rule out that money corrupts.

Mr Musk doesn't need your defence speech, he only needs you as one among many followers, as a fan who is important as a mass. Mr Musk doesn't care about you personally. Except, you know him personally and have a relationship to him on a daily basis.

Note that permission to launch satellites is granted by the FAA, not the general public

Oh, and the FAA represents exactly who? Penguins? Or is this agency just answerable to a government? And who does the government work for? Well, my government obviously doesn't work for me. It has married itself to the riches and dances to their tune.

Again, a single Mr. Musk has not received ANY mandate whatsoever from me, my fellows, my city or my country. I do not care about his allegedly goodness, in the same way I do not care about the badness of others which you suggest to me that I shall aim my critique at.

I don't know any of these guys, neither Musk nor Zuckerberg, and I don't need to know them. My criticism is not even meant personally, precisely because I have no relationship to these people.

On the contrary, it is not me who presumes to judge, but these lone wolves presume to think and act for the whole world. No one has the right to make global decisions because no one even has the wisdom or knowledge to know what all people want or should want. It is an impertinence to say otherwise.

P.S. The fact that you prefer one tycoon to another only highlights how little you seem to understand about the world not being a place that can even begin to be understood and navigated from your screen. And that these giants, where you submit to the good like a child, you would probably realise with horror one day when the good shepherd has turned into an evil one. What does history teach you about hanging on the lips and deeds of celebrities? The best deeds are done by those who are either never heard of or those who are put behind bars or killed for their courage and love of freedom and people. They have always been the ones you can take a leaf out of their book. Why did Edward Snowden go into hiding and Julian Assange get locked up?