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RE: Medical Emergency in Covid - 19 time

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Great the read your mother is doing better.

Private and Public Healthcare: I'm not a big believer in the mix of public and private hospitals. Your story and experiences are not that much different to eg the USA. Also a country with a mix of private and public healthcare. Also, a country where insurance is optional. Fortunately in the country, I live in (the Netherlands), all hospitals are public and of super quality. Healthcare insurance is provided by the state, ie everybody is insured. All citizens have to pay a set amount for the base coverage and can order extra optional packages providing an even higher level of security (but this is everything one doesn't necessarily need).

Covid: I think people getting tired of covid. But that doesn't mean its gone. I do wonder if you already reached hurt immunity. Apparently, this requires high numbers, like 70 or 80% of the population. I suppose India has a more warm climate to my country. That is good to not have too much covid virus going around. In my country, in the summer, they removed much of the rules, not causing to much spread. But then came winter (we are at the start of the winter). After a few rounds of more measurements, we are now in a hard lockdown. Today they announced an evening clock and they think this may be in place till the end of winter. Months ago, when the government wanted to relax the rules around eg Xmas, I was already saying: "What do they think? Usually, the Flu season is from December till February/March? Don't you think these same months will be heaven for covid?" Not so many believed me, but I suppose, in hindsight, they have to believe me. It's just common sense. In the UK they had to lock up the country for 100%... A variant of covid is going around the UK which is much easier to transmit and their hospitals are overcrowded because of that. The UK covid variant is now entering my country as well. And what about the South African variant? Apparently similar to the Uk variant. Though I'm not in favour of vaccines, we may need them to make sure our hospitals can deal with the number of patients they have to treat, whilst we can unlock our societies to a level we can more or less live again.

In the meantime, njoy as much as possible :)


Fortunately in the country, all hospitals are public and of super quality.

May be we should go there, how flexible is the country for immigration ?

Flexibility is not so great these days, though when getting a job in my country you are allowed to come and live here as well. Not too difficult. When in IT, no problems to find a job. When in software development, also no problem. When millionair, also not a problem 🙃

Point me to some job sites 😀 You can view my profile in linkedin mentioned in my hive profile.

LinkedIn is the best place to look for jobs in IT, Software development.

A stratgey could be: Get a job at an international India based company and then transfer to a Dutch office, or any other European office... One large compnay that comes to mind, is Cognizant. Or get a job with an international based company (Europe, USA) with offices all over the world, and then transfer to a European office. These can be anything, from all the big players in consulting to cloud and IT.

But, also applying directly to a position in Netherlands, is possible as well. As menionted already: LinkedIn is the best place to discover relevant positions and get the job applications started.

You shall know, many of the European countries are kinda the same wrt dealings with healthcare and health insurrances.