We're all cyborgs we're just low efficiency cyborgs...

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The case for enlightened human cyborgs Vs "The Matrix" Dystopia:

What do you think is the greatest existential threat to our species? Nuclear war? A viral epidemic? Well, I’ve come to learn through listening to Elon Musk that it is Artificial Intelligence, which he considers a much much much greater risk to humanity than nuclear war. Now, whatever your thoughts are on Elon, as far as im concerned hes a genius who operates on the very edge of technology and even leads the way in many respects. Right now his cars are the only ones driving on our roads with FULL AUTOMONY. I believe this is a man that at the very least we should listen to. I would like to share a quote:

"The least scary future I can think of is one where we have at least democratized AI, because if one company or small group of people manages to develop godlike digital super intelligence they could take over the world. At least when there's an evil dictator that human is going to die, but for an AI there would be no death they would live forever and then you'd have an immortal dictator from which we can never escape."

We do want close coupling between collective human intelligence and digital intelligence and a neural link is trying to help in that regard by creating a high bandwidth interface between AI and your human brain.

This is what the movie The Matrix was warning us about, and how those in "Zion" were able to understand what this world (the matrix) is. Some, like Neo learned very deep lessons about life, the universe, what it is, and how it works. Through the use of technology he reached a kind of enlightenment, and ultimately did become god like. Fortunately Neo was on the good side, unlike those very scary men in suits.. who also possessed God like powers and used them to suppress humanity.

We are evolving, and scientists have noticed that we have stopped evolving much at all physically for about 150,000 years. Our evolution is headed to new dimensions, and even our scientific understanding has reached great levels in these modern times. Google have already achieved Quantum Supremacy two years ago using Quantum computers that work on scientific principles that are so mind boggling that science itself cannot even understand how for example, something can be in two places at the same time. Nevertheless, Google announced two years ago that its 54-qubit Sycamore processor was able to perform a calculation in 200 seconds that would have taken the world's most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years. That was a public project, who knows what the secret projects are achieving!?

You're talking about algorithmic manipulation of social media, like, we're in it now... and it's starting it's starting to happen with AI.

So what is this post about?I It's partly about the notion that we must be very careful how we use AI. At the very least it needs regulation.. but more than that, we need to be careful we don’t let it take over. Even today Google has AI programs with total access to their database and systems. This AI could literally do anything, even now. Of course im sure it wont, because i have faith that Google are pretty smart, and everything i have seen from them is light years ahead of their competition. But what about other people, companies, billionaires, rouge states? But its more than that. I don’t know about you, but whenever i see footage of any kind of robot roaming around our streets I get nervous, it doesn’t feel good. Elon made a great point that if we have Armed AI robots roaming around our streets then its already too late!

Personally speaking, if i had to choose between a life of subservience to my computer, or instead to become greater and more intelligent and evolved and merge us truly.. I would choose the latter. It sounds like a horror movie in a way, that is until you understand we are already cyborgs really. Just the fact that you are sitting here, reading this. The fact that we almost ALL have these machines in our pockets. The only issue really is one of bandwidth. Its SO slow to take information in, and even slower to send it out. Maybe we should embrace technology when its used to Free us. I used the word subservience because i would like you to imagine how you feel about your personal computer if it had more intelligence than the combined intelligence of all humans combined? How would you feel and relate to your computer that literally knew everything and could tell you everything you were thinking, about to do, and potentially help you make better decisions. Wouldn't you prefer to be the one in control, perhaps with a few enhancements, but ultimately the one calling the shots? If not, you would basically end up just doing as your computer told you.

I think will just end up doing a universal basic income it's going to be necessary the harder challenge much harder challenge is how do people then have meaning?

Some may say they would not have one of these in the first place. Let me just say, people who are born today will not feel the same way about it. The generation of kids born into this age have a very different relationship to that technology. The time will quickly come that if you choose to step out of the matrix, you become an outcast.. and may as well live in a cave, or a nice piece of land far away from all that noise. That, incidentally, is what i have chosen to do already.. and one reason why i promote getting out of cities and living off grid and self sufficiently, like in Zion.

To some degree we are already a cyborg . You think of the digital tools that you have now, your phone your computer, the applications that you have. You can ask a question and instantly get an answer from Google and other things and and so you already have a digital tertiary layer. I say tertiary because you can think of the limbic system as kind of the the animal brain, or the primal brain, and then the court cortex is the thinking and planning part of the brain, and then your digital self is a third layer. You already have that layer and if somebody dies their digital ghost is still around. All of their emails and everything they posted in social media vessel lives even if they physically if they died. So we will see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence and it's mostly about the the bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and your digital the digital extension of yourself... particularly output

Knowing all of this, i see what is happening today as a very important part of this great change that is upon us. Things are about to change dramatically, we are right on the edge of the most incredible advancement in technology. To me everything that is happening today is a part of this great shift.

Let me leave you with a final question. Who would you prefer to have been handling the response to the Corona Virus Pandemic? Our government leaders, or super intelligent computers with god like knowledge and powers of omnipresence and omniscience? For me at least there is no choice! The only question is whether i would like to be making these decisions as an enhanced human being with my friends and community, or whether i wish to bow down and obey whatever my computer tells me to do? DO you see the difference? It took me many months to come around to this, to be able to accept it., but now i understand.. Its always worth having a listen to a genius.. so by the magic of Internet here is the interview that the quotes in this post came from:





Wow! This is a very contentious issue. Become a transhuman or submit to the dictatorship of the supreme artificial intelligence. Both options are dire for our humanity.

I do not deny that Elon Musk is a genius, and that his warnings do not make sense. On the contrary, they must be taken in the right dimension of it. We live in interesting times of great challenges.

Now choosing the wrong child does not mean being safe at all. I believe that the course that humanity's elite take, instead of turning some into Homo Deux, turns them into highly dangerous demons for most human beings.

As in the movie The Matrix or Elysium, there will always be dissidents willing to fight for the freedom of choice and the imperative to exist. This is part of our nature.

Before the feared appearance of the Basilisk of Roco to rule the world. I think it will be successful in the first of the changes, but it is inevitably destined to fail because in its genesis it carries the defects of its creator.

All things can be achieved with Order Balance and Compassion. Let this be the Root.